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Browse our Images and Slide shows
Browse our Images and Slide shows. A recent addition is our list of all the Australian Painting Prizes. We are compiling a similar list of sculpture prizes, if you have any info' please let us know.

Love outdoor Art shows? Take a trip back in time and view some of our favourite sculpture shows .

Click here to view a list of all our Slide Shows.

Tell us about your Gallery or your Art or your Exhibition
Tell us about your Gallery or your Art or your Exhibition. You can improve our site (and promote yourself) by adding details of: your gallery, your favourite artist, your event, and most importantly by spreading the word!

Our latest innovation is our fabulous Art Calendars. Currently there's one for each capitol city but down the track we plan to incorporate our Art Prizes database and rural galleries. If you run a gallery and you have not yet started to add your exhibitions to our site, then now is the time to do it!

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