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bhogleharsha Mumbai, India Loving this new terminal in Bengaluru. A giant garden, art gallery, food court and lounge where some planes come and go. Blessed. Enjoy till it lasts.
osf_rekt London I'm really excited to collaborate with @hofagallery, a proper contemporary art gallery in London to put together this event. IMO there's still a massive disconnect between digital and traditional art and that starts with displaying art in the right way and putting on events… Jack of all trades, master of none // @CanaryLabsXYZ / @RektguyNFT / @DegenzNFT
GeorgesLaraque Canada Hi everyone! I want to share something very personal to me, with you all. When I started my NHL career in Edmonton, I bought this painting at an art gallery, and I would pray in front of it before every NHL home game. It was my way to get a sense of protection in case I was… 13 years NHL, Best Seller Author,Public Speaker,co-owner & Host 91.9
BookOfLewd Australia And as the credits roll on my Future Redemeed save, it's now safe for me to return to social media ... and right into the waiting arms of an art gallery's worth of Na'el lewds. A purveyor of perversions. Trying to get back in the game. More info to come!
I_Love_Truth_ USA @chadwickgates0 @MattWallace888 @POTUS @elonmusk I don’t know, but why did Hunter Biden get $500,000 in Covid relief money for his art gallery? Meanwhile he was selling portraits at about $500,000 a pop to Russian oligarchs and other anonymous purchasers. Sadly, he made more money on his pictures than real artists! #independent
mid_day Mumbai, India In a chat with Mid-day Online, artist #SrushtiRao delves into her latest exhibition, 'Visual Chronologies and Discursive Binaries', and how concepts of time and space finds a place in her art Via: Nascimento Pinto #NehruArtGallery Read more on: All things #MadeinMumbai News | Entertainment | Sports and much more Subscribe to #MiddayDigitalTabloid
cfax1070 Victoria, BC At 5:50, Nancy Noble, Director and CEO, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria joins us. How you enjoy free admission at the Art Galley during 'Celebrate Art Week' If it’s happening, it’s here. News from Victoria's leading Newstalk radio station. Listen live;
SmogonU Do you like Random Battles with sets taken from tiers? The Multi Factory Open, part of the Rands Slam circuit, is currently accepting sign ups! Don't miss your chance to show off at BF and BSSF formats! Art by Clementine (The official Twitter account of Smogon University - the premier competitive Pokemon battling community. DM us with any inquiries
BlueTokay UK What are we up to today? Busy installing at Nuneaton museum and art gallery! #wildcolour #museum #artgallery #exhibition #installing Specialists in natural history touring exhibitions, permanent exhibitions, consultation, conservation, store projects and acquisitions. Tweets by Nicola Newton.
paramarine83 @LibertyCappy I prefer the art from The National Gallery in London and The National Art Gallery in D.C. beautiful artwork in both locations. US Marine Corps Veteran. Aviation Professional
Waiwaifield Australia @monaverse @proof_xyz @moonbirds Looks so fun, there is even an art gallery to display our art collection, and so much more @moonbirds are way too undervalued. 😀 Use our sharp eyes to see beyond and not the past. There is no success without bumps and failures. Feedback for our community council @Lakoz_ Love every day 🌹 time is limited. Embracing Web 3.
GlenfieldPrim Year 3 had a great day at the Leicester Museum and Art Gallery. Both classes were able to follow their learning about Ancient Egypt. Throughout the day they were able to view and even handle Egyptian artefacts that were 3,000 years old and come face to face with real Mummies! 😀
alferraby Victoria,B.C. At 5:50, Nancy Noble, Director and CEO, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria joins us. How you enjoy free admission at the Art Galley during 'Celebrate Art Week' Host of the morning show on C-FAX 1070 Radio in Victoria BC Canada. Anthem singer for many local sports teams, Runner for 'Al's $21 for 21km'
brushgallery 256 Market Street, Lowell MA LAST CHANCE! Submit your artwork today for the "Expressions of Culture and Identity" exhibit at Brush Art Gallery & Studios. Celebrate cultural diversity and win $500 in cash prizes. #CallForArtists #DeadlineToday #ExpressionsOfCultureAndIdentity Working artists coming together to make art accessible to the community through exhibits, classes, and conversations. Open to the public 6 days a week.
bunniesideup Mt. Moon 🌙 I WONNN I GOT IN THE CYBUNNY DAY CARNIVAL ART GALLERY 💕🐇 THE file is on my iPad (I'll post it later if I remember) but here's a screenshot 😭 I drew the Cybunny and felt bad she didn't have a BG so I hastily slapped one on, but I'm glad I did! Feel free to add me if u wanna 💖 ♡ Caitlin AKA Cait or Caitie ♡ ✨️💕🎀💕✨️ ♡ Playing Neopets in the year of 2023! ♡ 🎀 ♡ Obsessed with Pokémon & bunnies ♡ 🎀 ♡ I collect Sylveon 4ever ♡
pratitty1 i think the only person i can go to an art gallery with and enjoy now is my dad I see both sides like
alinasunkov minors dni my only art gallery stop this trip and im in love with these gold earrings i picked up yesterday daredevil / outlander / the great - 23 she/her
APRELOADEDEXE Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
joekelly1982 Liverpool, UK @PaulineCoxy I think it's they same guy that bought up loads of property on Wavertree High Street. The Art Gallery (formerly Chillis) The Thatch, the block of Georgian flats and a few small shops. Scouser. Sound as.
HamzaH2Hussain West London A project that provides its holder with a state of the art gallery in the most prestigious part of London, VIP access, options to exhibit their own works and access to future drops. @AspreyStudio do things differently compared to every other WEB3 project. Left of centre narcissistic ENTP I wheelie unicycles for fun. #AspreyBugatti Mod $FTM $BTC #AspreyStudioClub. V12.eth
jotapepax Porto Alegre - Brazil My newest project at Shopping Pontal is an ART GALLERY with many great artists. Curated BY PaxArt and @KamillaRosito is open to visitation in Porto Alegre - Brazil!! urban explorer - creator - visual artist - ex visionary - #PaxArt #NounsAI @nounsbr
SerafinaScheel Minneapolis, MN @mplsalex We were there last weekend and had a miserable walk from Canal Park to visit an art gallery on the Other Side. Prospect Park, Minneapolis. Münster, DE. Voter, biker, book reader, river lover, civic educator. Tweets are mine alone.
hunterian Glasgow, Scotland Our first new contemporary art exhibition of 2023, ‘Unravelling Times’, opens two weeks today at the Hunterian Art Gallery. Featuring works by pioneering experimental filmmaker Lis Rhodes and three Glasgow-based artists, the exhibition bridges the gap between art and activism. At the heart of the University of Glasgow since 1807, The Hunterian connects people with stories, individuals and ideas.
danielfi3er London Virga - Black and Green on Gold" displayed during 'SPECTRUM' exhibition at The Holy Art Gallery, London. (super-shallow UV ink relief on brass dibond, 170 x 100 cm) "Virga - Black and Green on Gold" explores the idea of an abstract skyscape/landscape as a spatial experience… Artist | Cloudscapes, Skyscapes and Landscapes as abstracted spatial experiences | combining hand-drawing & photon-rendering
AnnaRostphoto Metaverse @InaGrischau I enjoy the spring days, the time I love most of all in my city ☀️🌍 And I am looking forward to the exhibition with my photoworks in an art gallery in IRL 🌞🌺😇 What are your plans for the weekend? #Photographer, my photos are edited and exhibited #nftartist #nftphotographer
CairnNoWestie All Over The Place KELVINGROVE ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM: Glasgow: Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Who/Me? 'And while I'm alive, I'll make tiny changes to earth' #Pluviophile @CairnNotWestie
HolyCitySinner Charleston, SC Hagan Fine Art Gallery Announces New Location and Launch Party #chs All things Charleston, SC. Voted best Twitter feed & local blog for 9 straight years. Voted best website and podcast in 2022. As seen on ABC News 4, Fox 24
SkrticX Cleveland, OH Visited Negative Space, an art gallery in Cleveland owned by Gadi Zamir. It's a stunning space that showcases artists and hosts musical performances, making it a hidden oasis for art/music lovers. The gallery opened in 2010 with a mission to highlight the the area's best artists. Cleveland Public Library. Chief of Special Projects and Collections. Views are my own.
kadowaz Kampala Exciting day behind the scenes at the art gallery! Getting a sneak peek of the our works before the weekend hits. Nothing like getting up close and personal with the art to kick off the weekend off right. 🎨👀 For inquiries and orders tap this link 👉🏽 Bringing life, colour and emotion to your space. DM 0782448467 Follow us on Instagram:
xmstholomule When you make a friend at your school art gallery trip and everything perfect and then you find out she thinks being autistic means you can say the r word
SageJitsu Pittsburgh, PA @arkardo @damnyouwillis I mean it is the most easily accessible fan site, I’d visit seibertron as well but you asked me to try and navigate anything past their front page I was lost. Also they are generally first to break news or have leaks and they had a fairly nice customs and fan art gallery 29/BJJ Brown Belt/ I like stuff. i also play Overwatch, Flex Support for @kulture_GG
NickConstantin_ AU 🇦🇺 Been chatting with @Food_King_23 over the last few days and we decided to team up and showcase our #aiart 🔥 Check out mine and Dakota’s creations here 👉 Music lover 🎧 Motorsport fan 🏁 | #TeamLH 🏎 💨 🗣 Opinions my own
bigdogboston @FordFischer The same idiot from the art gallery is in the road. No repercussions. No accountability. At what point do the adults step in and retake control. "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - The late, great, Colonel Sanders
wonwooszone @archiveww Q. if you were to spend your free time together, what would you do? 🐈 i really like going places to look around, and myungho really likes art galleries. so we’d go to an art gallery and look around, then go to a place with a really nice view and eat delicious food. #원우 #WONWOO
tixSouthEast South East, UK "Sensory Superstars: Gosport - Friday (term time) : 1pm - 2pm : Gosport Museum and Art Gallery", Gosport Museum and Art Gallery, Gosport on Fri 28 Apr 2023 1.00PM, tickets: Discover and purchase tickets for local and community events in South East England.
CheremisinPhoto Project “Art of the past. Sculpture” “Demon Sitting” Mikhail Vrubel’s brushes found reflection in this photo.. but my demon is shackled by his own laziness and covered with dust from lack of movement #art #gallery #sculpture fine art photographer and mentoring worldwide
SwanseaArtists Derry City and Donegal Opening Night (2018) - "This expressionist oil painting catches the clamour, dynamism and vibrant energy of the opening night of an Open Art Exhibiton at the #GlynnVivien Art Gallery in Swansea. #swansea Available here - Artist, photographer and independent researcher into the neuro-psychology of addictive behaviour, plus writer and blogger. Art Business owner.
LeedsNaive Leeds/not Leeds @RichardMortime2 I've been told many times that I'm the least observant man in the world. I go past this building every single day on the bus. Granted' I'm usually shuffling down the aisle to go downstairs and get off in front on Leeds Art Gallery... but ffs... I shall admire it daily from now! Began painting Feb 21.
artdetective new york East Village Art Gallery Charges Artists to Appear in Nonexistent Show, Don Lemon Speaks Out... About His Art Collection, and More Juicy Art World Gossip | @anniesalright for Artnet News Senior reporter, columnist: Artnet News. Contributor: NYT, Town & Country. Ex: Bloomberg, DJ, WSJ. RTs are not endorsements. Tips: kkazakina@artnet.com
RichardHannay17 An "assault detachment" of golden dawn Neo-Nazis broke into an art gallery yesterday, threatened and verbally abused an artist from North Macedonia and forced him to remove his paintings. Then, just like the SA, they went outside and posted leaflets forbidding entry. BA in Military History IR Masters Student 22 Greek Libertarian Socialist Anti-Essentialist he/him 🇺🇦🇵🇸🇦🇲🇹🇼🇬🇷 Twitch 🔗
vieutopia Are you looking for an eye-catching and unique addition to your science lab, museum, or art gallery? Look no further than our unique style 'bell jar'! 🙌 #AIart #MachineLearning #CreativeAI #DigitalArt #GenerativeArt #NeuralStyleTransfer #NeuralNetworks #ArtificialIntelligence… #Vieutopia is an AI art creation platform, brought to you by @VieuniteHQ, which empowers you to unleash your inner artist.🎨 Create unique artwork now. 👇🏻
VisitCyfarthfa Merthyr Tydfil, Wales Only a few places left! May 13: Research Local History Online A session full of advice and tips for online historical research. Cost: £2. Booking essential. 2pm Start. #LocalHistoryMonth #merthyrtydfil #cyfarthfacastle #welshhistory Cyfarthfa Castle Museum and Park service provided by @WellbeinMerthyr
happyduckie_ Happiness No. 10 : Taking pictures Force likes taking pictures very much. He takes pictures of himself and places. We can see that his IG is almost like an art gallery because it really represents him well both artistic and modern. #fforce_
camel377 @globeandmail So why do we have to have one science centre. why can't there be two in toronto. Ontario Place should have a science centre, ROM and Art gallery #OntarioPlace #OntarioScienceCentre #ROM #AGO
jamieperkins4 @Jonell100 So if you or I touched the glass we would be told to move away but that guard just walked around doing nothing. Can’t people see that the national art gallery of dc is woke and allowing this The slavery of fear had made men afraid to think…Thomas Paine love my country and the constitution🇺🇸
City_Press South Africa Businessperson and media personality Shawn Mkhize has added the title of author to her name. The mogul, affectionally known as MaMkhize, launched her memoir at a lavish event at the Circa Art Gallery in Rosebank on Tuesday night City Press is a well-respected agenda-setting South African news brand that publishes across platforms. Its flagship print edition is distributed on a Sunday.
backendnewsnet Philippines GCash has partnered with NFT marketplace Likha and art gallery Vinyl on Vinyl, for the release of its first GCrypto NFT collection #GCrypto #NFT Back End News is a Philippine-based technology news and features website established in June 2018.
official_acain Lagos, Nigeria Join Tobi as she tours a gallery, discovers different types of art and creates a masterpiece of her own. Tobi At The Art Gallery is a picture book for children aged 2-6.  #childrensbookauthors #childrensbookillustrators #childrensbook The Association of Children's Authors & Illustrators of Nigeria (ACAIN) is the network for writers, illustrators and editors of children's books.
EDLC_Culture Kirkintilloch, Scotland #DYK that Lillie Art Gallery Young Peoples Saturday art classes are some of the longest running if not the longest of their kind in Scotland? They've been part of the programme for almost as long as the 61yrs of Lillie. #EDGetCreative #CreativeLearning East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust is a registered Scottish Charity established to manage, deliver & develop a range of leisure and cultural services
InvMAG Inverness, Highlands MUSEUM MINIS #InvMAG's trialling activity sessions for pre-school age children and their families. More info and how to book can be found here: Thurs 4 May 10.30 – 11.15 Thurs 1 June 10.30 – 11.15 #Inverness #HLHMoreThanLeisure @HLHsocial @InvernessBID Inverness Museum and Art Gallery Tel: 01349 781730 Open: Tues-Sat: 10:00-17:00 Closed: Sun & Mon