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Australian art.

The things some people say about Australian art.

dec_byrne Sydney I made another ltd edition hat with icon of Australian art, fashion and culture Reg Mombassa 💙 Pretty chuffed 🥛 Aus music milkman on @homeandhosed @triplej 🌶 Sport and Spice with Marlee Silva on @abcsport + podcast 🧢 Maker of lids at Fry Baby 🙃 Tweets are my views
KirstenKatzArt Sydney, New South Wales Shop my range of Botanical Wall Art Prints with Australian Native Flowers. Bring the beauty of original art and flowers into your home today 💐😃 #KirstenKatzDesigns #botanicalart #wallart #artprints #australianart #australiangifts #kirstenkatzart #gifts Art, Illustration + Surface Pattern Design Freelance Illustrator & Surface Designer Bolt Fabric - Home Decor - Giftware
MiltonDickMP Brisbane, Queensland Serving as a member of the the Historic Memorials Committee is a privilege and it ensures that Australian art sits at the intersection between art and politics. It is a chronicle of the history of our highest national office by some of the most accomplished Australian artists. Federal Member for Oxley, 32nd Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives. Authorised M Dick, ALP, Brisbane
rothkochapel Houston, Texas Actor Steve Martin on the Joys—and the Difficulties—of Collecting Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art via @artnews A sacred art space open to all since 1971 Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm Social Media Guidelines:
OInscendence Bosnia and Herzegovina Illustration of HC Andersen's "The Wild Swans", Florence Susan Harrison (1877–1955), an English Australian Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite illustrator of poetry and children's books It seems I drink Bohemian wine, Bitter and conquering, A liquid sky that scatters Stars in my heart
PersiaPhotos Planet Earth @beneltham Ever tried Persian handicrafts? Not sure if made locally but they're available in Australia too. There is a sizeable Persian community in AU so I guess they're part of Australian art and culture now. A #Persian surgeon living abroad, yet my soul somehow has never left Iran. #Atheist. I'll be posting photos from #Persia / #Iran & occasional funny memes.
hcmfuk Huddersfield, UK Australian Art Orchestra's Peter Knight, Aviva Endean and Helen Svoboda also featured in an event as soloists, performing fabulous improvisations in turn. 📷: Simon Marshall The UK's largest international festival of new and experimental music. hcmf// 2022: 18 - 27 November
hcmfuk Huddersfield, UK Australian Art Orchestra returned to hcmf// with Mandhira de Saram + Cath Roberts in tow. Their UK Premiere of Fresh Water – Salt Water was a striking, poignant performance, tapping into both a culturally rich, ancient history and cutting-edge sounds of the now. 📷: Brian Slater The UK's largest international festival of new and experimental music. hcmf// 2022: 18 - 27 November
aservais1 belgium Actor Steve Martin on the Joys—and the Difficulties—of Collecting Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art. By @MaxDuron via @artnews 'there is only one thing i know,is i do not know' (Socrates) about the world, the way people live,art & finance.
bbsutton Washington, DC Last-Known Tasmanian Tiger Remains Found in Australian Museum's Cupboard Technology advocate for change in education
nova_splat inkopolis [ hey hey, here's my pinned. so here's some stuff about me; i am twenty, australian, and just started playing splatoon recently, but I love the character designs so much. I'm also an artist so novas character art is drawn by me ! ] i'm just a street artist and urban explorer, uh this is my first account under my real name so sorry if i come off as weird
MustDoBrisbane Brisbane, Queensland Australia Mitchell Fine Art's final exhibition for 2022 features the artworks of Sydney artists Annalisa Ferraris & Maximillian Daniels, and Central Australian Indigenous artist Kudditji Kngwarreye: Real indie website guide to Brisbane. 5000+ reviews of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, the arts, walks, kids activities...
JpgpicsCom Australian&designed furniture by King features on Dezeen Showroom: Dezeen Showroom: Australian furniture company King has listed a range of seating and tables on Dezeen Showroom, including a dining table that has… #interiordesign #art #architecture News aggregator for Photography, Design and infographics News
LumpyMoose @pirate_shorts @scum_art @ididathing1 @hasanthehun @BoyBoy_Official ididathing and his australian friend are really tall I will like my own tweets and you can't stop me
trott1073 Last-Known Tasmanian Tiger Remains Found in Australian Museum's Cupboard via @thedailybeast 🌻Club Democracy, Scientist, Popokian, she/her, Pro-choice, #BLM, #PutinIsAWarCriminal, #MAGAisaCULT, #VoteBlueOverQ, CounterSocial @trott1073, Слава Україні!
artbymirree Australia, NSW Art is happiness reminding us about our favourite things that reflect the true pieces of our heart and soul through the inspiration from the loveable Australian animals. Which piece reflects your happiness? #nature #happiness #homedecor #artcollector Come home to Art by Mirree Heart + Home, Work + Lifestyle. Check out the Original Dreamtime Collection @dreamtimebot ❤️💫 #birds #animals #australia #nature ❤
japan_in_mel Melbourne, Victoria An exhibition by the Gōshū Nihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kai (The Australian Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords) is on at our office until 3 February 2023. Come and see Samurai armours, sword fittings and rare items from the mid 16th to mid 19th century! Official Twitter account of the Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne, which has jurisdiction over Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.
HedyStarpery Australia @leahtype We introduced photographing Starpery dolls as an art form to the beautiful people of Melbourne. We were all well received. JB is now officially the Australian ambassador, with business cards and all. The responsibility of representing dolls to the general public is a big one. Its all just for kicks and giggles.
looklikeasami GOD 1st Oh and i had a bitch tryta fork me at art basel, she looked Australian this a carina love account
GrowAu Australia-wide Last chance to bid for this amazing one of a kind painting! Support the mental wellbeing of thousands of Australian's and own a real piece of art. Quicker than a trip to KMart! GROW is a national organisation enabling personal growth and development for people experiencing a mental health condition or illness or having difficulty.
Job4010 @georgehahn @elonmusk @PGATOUR @GolfDigest @golfweek @GOLF_com @nikegolf @Nike @BrownRudnickLLP @FBI @Reddit @Marvel @Florida @Twitter @NSAGov @Ch_JesusChrist @MOFA_Taiwan @Taiwan_Today @USPacificFleet @BallardMRussell @and @DefenceU @Seoul_gov @japan @SingaporePolice @LithuanianGovt @CIA @MDSP @USNavy @USMarineCorps @USArmy @Ford @USNRL @USMC @usairforce @USNavyEurope @lufthansa @Delta @BMW @MittRomney @australian @Perth @Melbourne @sydney_sider @CERN You have to take a nation whole intact. That's real skill intelligents with wisdom in art works and strategies. Any one can throw weapons at each other. . Some die twice #IranRevoIution @IranNewsUpdate1
elian53h Feather and Brush: A History of Australian Bird Art NCCVZ2S
animalsworldart worldwide Now available: Beautiful Australian Platypus and Flowers Illustration Art on a Classic Unisex Pullover Hoodie available in various colors and sizes by AnimalsoftheWorldArt Check it out > #animal #art #environmentart #AnimalsoftheWorldArt Creating digital art with a variety of animals from around the world. Including some from pre-historic times and some endangered and extinct. Please enjoy.
animalsworldart worldwide Now available: Beautiful Australian Galah Parrot and Flowers Illustration Art on a Classic Unisex Pullover Hoodie available in various colors and sizes by AnimalsoftheWorldArt Check it out > #animal #art #environmentart #AnimalsoftheWorldArt Creating digital art with a variety of animals from around the world. Including some from pre-historic times and some endangered and extinct. Please enjoy.
IndigeNFT In First Nations philosopher Tyson Yunkaporta examines how different concepts of arts,culture and economics have informed the history of relations between Aboriginal and colonial Australia. 🔖 #art #NFT #INDIGENOUS #IndigenousPeoples #inequality #ETH Multichain #NFTs coming to #Eth & #Stacks seeking to preserve & promote Indigenous culture through #Art, innovation & technology. Join the Community!
haydnjamesgrif1 It's an Australian project, the art is cool as fork, and it was just a no brainer for me. Also, that face is cute 💚 @KeyboardWIC Just a humble Cheese trying to find their way through the Veggie Garden of life. Veggiemates
DarrylMason Sydney Since 2020, I've gone deep exploring a century of Ned Kelly art, and 230 years of Australian landscape art, in the process of generating more than 600 #AIArt 'final' images on these themes. There's no way I would've spent 100s of hours in those books if I wasn't doing this. writer/producer for #WakkiRadio. Tweets on music, art, synths, film, #PhilipKDick, history of science fiction. Creator of #AIArt, not #NFTs
JakobFranco1 @enixsta When I’m prime minister i will give u a pride of Australia award, because you do wonders and give me pride in knowing that Australian landscape art is still alive and thriving
cjbrommy oz I'm still playing the find me game But also wanted to share with you @A__________by_A some of my irl art. Very different to your style but beautiful too. This piece is by an Australian first nation's lady called Narduna. It's called Burn off and represents country being burnt she/her mother first nft lover DC: Cjbrommy8284 @zenacademy @innercircle #IconZ @nyolings @psssssdnft @kongu @shamanz @globalkindnft @BeyondEarth_nft
laviezine #Australian soldier enlists to fight Korean #War ... #Archival #Archive #Art #Australia #Beer #Culture #Documentary #Film #Footage #History #Japan #Korea #KoreanWar #Licensing #Lights #Newsreel #Night #SouthOfFranceDestinations #SouthOfFranceTour A Guide to Stylish Living #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #BlackVoicesMatter #LGBTHM21
CathRichards7 Kingaroy, qld. @admired_art My giant in the photography world is Damien Parer, an Australian war time photographer who traveled the Kokoda Track and documented the Aussies and the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels.... but my go to photographer would have to be Dave Weston, he has helped me with lots of hints and tips! 57yrs old,my passions are Rugby league- Parramatta! Music anything 70's, Australian, Sherbet,Daryl Braithwaite,love Dr. Who,Jag,NCIS Vetonthehill,ABC Brisbane!
becc_art the trash @NashRomi @ginandjuniper @APunishedBill I am going to explain this cause it seems like no one is directly saying it to you, and it feels like you deserve to know the context Bill's original tweet was specifically complaining about how it was being used by a white Australian woman who's currently orchestrating a- Rebecca // 27 // they/them preferred, she/her okay // bisexual // genderfluid // Autistic // ADHD // White ----- NSFW AT @weenus24 *'proshippers' dni fork off*
Chucknally "Finding Country" A truly personal look at contemporary aboriginal art. Hand drawn and hand animated, with a splattering of digital art, it aims to show life as an indigenous Australian, Doctor, friend and father. Crypto, art, fun. Mod @0xDecaArt Artist. Wulgurukaba/Bunjalung country Founder: @fakeraredecal
lachlanrdale Sydney, Australia Here is 10 years of my record label, Art As Catharsis, distilled into a single compilation of Australian underground music. I’m still so grateful and inspired by the musicians in this country. informing the void of eastern classical music. Label Manager of Art As Catharsis + Worlds Within Worlds.
CarbuncleWishes Lost in a book somewhere @Adabear_Art I kept reading it as "Aloha Mate" and thought it was some kind of Australian/Hawaiian fusion 🔞madly in love with you💖 Mevolas Rubenido; he/they, 25, Jewish✡️ #BLM For those we have lost; For those we can yet save. 🔞 Art: @COMBVRO @heyoitsnino
lstarrett1 Jacksonville, Florida @LabradorYuki The Kookaburra Somg (I usually limit myself to two and I would not call this great art but when I volunteer in the Australian Aviary at or zoo, I hear this a lot). Dedicated to Marcella, our magnificent Laughing Kookaburra. Former prosecutor; Human to 2 German shepherds; Tar Heel born and bred; JD from Duke; retire Rubio; defeat DeathSantis; #voteblue
animalorchestra Melbourne, Australia I wrote a sun-soaked piece about Australian summer and the art that best captures it for @theage, feat. @RobbieArnott, @chunyinrainbow, @ausdancetheatre’s Daniel Riley, artist Allie Webb, actor Tuuli Narkle & Nic Dowse of Honey Fingers. In Spectrum today! Mostly void, partially stars. Writer | Editor @ | 2020 National Library of Australia Creative Fellow for Australian Writing
TheTalleen @Touyarokii @ItsGean_ @MuffinZ0 I am fan and I like your art and your silly tweets and your Australian like me 19 | He/Him Likes Sonic and Nintendo games etc can draw as well pfp by @Touyarokii
SwanDeverell Erina, Central Coast Australian & International Art Bidding closing from 7pm Saturday 3 December (AEDT) This bijou sale includes art world favourite Pro Hart and a pair of charming oil on board views of Nowra c 1940s by Elizabeth Emery. Bid online now via our website. #art #artauction #nowra Auctions of antiques, fine and decorative art, collectables, and luxury designer pieces. Visit the gallery showroom in Erina, NSW.
EmMcCC Bunurong Land, Australia @tru_hues @GNCordova The Bauhaus emigré’s continued to impact the world of art and design education, architecture, craft etc internationally after being forced out of Germany. We wouldn’t have American or Australian cont art, design, architecture or education as it is w/out the Bauhaus. Curator/gallerist/writer/art historian/researcher. Co-author McCulloch’s Encyclopedia of Australian Art, Contemporary Aboriginal Art: the complete guide.
TheAmericaJosh New York, NY When it comes to gift-giving in the USA, Australian gifts have the upper hand. From fresh Australian native bouquets to Aussie-themed homewares and art, to cute kid’s clothing inspired by Aussie wildlife, there’s no better way: The definitive guide for moving to New York & America. Powered by @AdelaideJosh. #NewYork #NYC #America #Australia
lourdes11y Feather and Brush: A History of Australian Bird Art WPKZLIA
AusCGChennai Chennai, India Today the @AusCGChennai learnt more about Australian Aboriginal art, including studying some works in the Consulate collection. Using a colouring book by First Nations woman #Mulganai, they also got some hands on exposure to the intricacies of this ancient and diverse art form. Official account of the Australian Consul-General for South India Ms Sarah Kirlew and colleagues at the Consulate-General in Chennai
Robbotron United Kingdom, Twitch Guests now include Gamespot’s @lucyjamesgames + @tamoorh Art wizard and streamer supreme @tomthinks Australian media darling @raejohnston Sketch genius @wsebag Minecraft maestro @Matrixis The one you like it’s @KattStrike @TheRustyQuill’s @LydNicholas + @Pip_Gladwin! Comedian! Twitch Partner NEXT DARK ROOM: 50 HOUR CHARITY MARATHON for @trussell_trust and @samaritans 2nd - 4th / 12th
IFA_AU Sydney, Australia The head of the Australian Retirement Trust has backed the Quality of Advice Review, saying super funds have the “scale and capability” to make advice accessible is a digital resource that delivers daily online news, analysis and reports to help financial advisers drive business growth.
LeonieWaltonArt Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia @kidlitart Floral print design. Here’s a retro sample from my new collection. It is inspired by Klimt Art Deco and Australian botanicals (Geraldton Wax flower) #retro #floralprints #botanicalart A writer/illustrator/painter born to create. I love nature, living sustainably, growing food and planting trees, without taking life too seriously.
artbymirree Australia, NSW HOW DO YOU LIKE THE NEW POWERFUL OWL AND BABY PAINTING? This #4 Painting came 1st for this weeks featured painting by Mirree, voted by you! TAKE A LOOK - WELCOME TO SHARE! #owl #baby #art #artcollector #painting #fineart Come home to Art by Mirree Heart + Home, Work + Lifestyle. Check out the Original Dreamtime Collection @dreamtimebot ❤️💫 #birds #animals #australia #nature ❤
the_shpa Australia ‘You Can’t Ask That’ is the most syndicated TV format in Australian history! Creator @kirkdocker brings to the #MM2022SHPA stage the art of the empathetic interview to unlock understanding and level our humanity. Your community of leading pharmacists, technicians and pharmacy assistants working across Australia’s health system.
John_Furphy Rosalie Gascoigne becomes a member of the million-dollar club when Deutscher and Hackett presented their final sale for 2022, Important Australian and International Fine Art on the first day of summer in Melbourne., Publisher of the online sites for Australian Art Sales Digest, Carter's Price Guide to Antiques & Collectables, Art Record, Antiques Plus and Antiques Reporter
GdavidMcG Indonesia Hey @uinfootwear you're paying royalties/commission to Australian Aboriginal designers and/or Indigenous communities whose art you are exploiting? That's the most ethical/legal way to, 'show the entire world how you care about minorities tradition and appreciate their heritage!' Part-time cave dweller, occasional jungle forager, infrequent rugby player, intermittent anthropologist.

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