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Born: 1975 Gold Coast
  • Digital
  • Painter

Abbey McCulloch’s works are expressive representations of the female.
They capture dualities and contradictions. Abbey's paintings may appear as cute doe-eyed damsels. There is an underlying strength of character that comes through after the first glance and it is this- whether the viewer knows it or not- that makes her works so appealing and ultimately so popular.

Her pieces seem to exploit self-assurance and seduction, and yet embody vulnerability and self-conscious flaws.

"This is the idea of seeking that which makes us happy. We tend to focus on incredibly distant yearnings. What is this virtual 'package' of desires really about? Are they unattainable because we like it that way? False hope is largely a girly reality, but without it, things would seem pointless and uninteresting."[Artist 2003]

Abbey McCulloch is a full-time artist, based on the Gold Coast. She is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art (Fine Arts) and she focuses primarily on oil painting and raw drawings. Her work has is collected in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the USA and throughout Australia.

'The body is the site of so much personal conflict. I paint and draw women because the relationship within us has that volatility and tension. To toy with femininity is to begin to understand it, and I can do this by watching women. We all do. We all seem to validate ourselves to some degree by observing.

Girls are such erratic creatures. It must be acceptance that we crave. Self-acceptance is a beautiful thing. It's such a state of tolerance. If I could succinctly capture everything I see every type of woman doing, then I will expand my subject matter. But until then, I'm totally kept challenged by these creatures of duality and extremes.' Abbey McCulloch, 2003

Abbey McCulloch
Born 1975
Resides in Queensland

Bachelor of Visual Arts in Fine Art, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

Solo Exhibitions

2000 Recent Paintings Klassroom Surry Hills, NSW

2001 Recent Paintings Klassroom Surry Hills, NSW

2002 VAM Savage Darlinghurst, NSW

2003 The Pink Show Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

1995 Momentum Graduate Exhibition, IMA

1999 Figuratively Gold Coast City Art Gallery

2000 Genesis Bond University, QLD

2000 Art on a Grand Canvas Grand Golf Club, Robina

2000 Art Angels Gold Coast City Art Gallery, QLD

2002 Luminous Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne


2004 Large, January 2004

2003 Vogue Magazine, April Issue
Black and White, Issue 65 March


USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, throughout Australia


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