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AKA: Antonius Nijssen

Born: 1955 Nieuw-Vossemeer, The Netherlan
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Established
Zero Summer V
Zero Summer V

Lives & works in Breda, The Netherlands
Represented in Australia by Uber Gallery

A photographer from 1985 to 1995, in 1996 Nijssen began creating sculptures and paintings which he describes as ‘journeys on a flat surface or in a three dimensional shape’.

" paintings and sculptures represent my feeling for honesty in shapes, composition and colour. With Brancusi I share the belief that truth is everything. His work has become the touchstone for perfection, the perfection for simplicity. By simplifying I try to find the quality of balance within a shape. I try to attain honesty by the omission of unnecessary shapes. My work is largely abstract with sometimes figurative elements. As an artist, I am omnivorous. I take everything up in me, my field of vision is unlimited." - Antonius Nijssen.
Take Wing
Take Wing


1983 Photography, Academy St. Joost Breda Netherlands
1982 Screen Printing, Bath Academy Bath, UK


2004 Über Gallery Melbourne, Australia
2003 St. Joseph Galerie Leeuwarden, Netherlands
2002 De Bewaerschole Haamstede, Netherlands
2001 Composite 5 Breda, Netherlands
2001 SBK Panningen, Netherlands
1998 Exhibition Etten Leur, Netherlands
1998 ‘8 Pieces to hold’ Fringe Club, Hong Kong
1998 The Pottery Workshop Hong Kong
1998 Galerie Grafieker Haarlem, Netherlands
1988 Boerenlandschappen in Neerijnen, Netherlands
Landschap Mesenwerk

Works in Netherlands, Hong Kong, UK, Australia


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