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Sunset Colour Show
Sunset Colour Show

AKA: Anuradha Godbole Art
  • Abstract
  • Conceptual
  • Contemporary
  • Landscape
  • Painter
  • Portrait
  • Still Life
  • Traditional

Im a self-taught artist living in the vicinity of the beautiful Yellagonga Regional Park in Perth. I always loved drawing as a child, but for most of my life music has been my creative outlet. A few years ago, my son bought me some art materials for my birthday. It was amazing timing, since I was itching for a new adventure. Since Id never received any formal training, I wasnt restricted by a particular style and felt free to explore. I was really quite encouraged when my friends took to my work and commissioned a few pieces for their homes.

I currently work with Acrylics but am always looking for the next artistic challenge, and would like to explore other mediums like oil and watercolour.

I love vivid, vibrant colours that are around us at all times and they always automatically appear in each of my paintings without any planning. I delight in playing with colours and making life colourful through colourful canvases.

My most treasured memories are of my travels across the world. These memories and my passion for nature act as the inspiration for my work.

I hope you enjoy my artistic journey as I forge on in the creative world!
Dance Like Nobody`s watching y
Dance Like Nobody`s watching y


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