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AKA: Li Baoying

Born: 1958 Beijing China
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    Li Baoying was born in Beijing Decmber 1958 the People Republic of China, at the time the nation has millions people were starved to death by the hanger,by escaped the death, Baoying's mother was heavely pregnant with Baoying just before 2wks she was born, she was come to Beijing to reunited with Baoying's father who was a hard worker for a diry farm company.

    1977 Baoying got top marks graduated from her high school near worldly know 798 Art Centre. she was studys drawing and paintings in her last 2 years in high school. 1978 the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Art has reopen to public since the cultur ravolution for recuting the 8 elits art studnets national wide. From the hundreds thousand competitors nationly she has vinned a place for study fine art in the Oil Painting Dpartment of Central Academy of Fine Art. by 1982 she has acomplished her study and become an art teacher.
    In 1985 she has curated a nationaly well know art exhibition: "OVENBER EXHIBITION" at the Imperal Palace Musem Gallery in Beijing. it was an importent exhibition event in Chinese contemporay art devolopment and movement. 1986 Baoying has worked as an art editor for Shenjian Magazine. played a key role leads the magazine in its artistic editing. by the end 1986, Baoying was married to a Lawyer who was from Harved University Law School. but the marriage was end by 1994. her personal life has inpacted her art devolopment. Her works showcase her unique strenth and charactor with masculinity power. she was relocated to Australia in 1989 with her husband.
    Her paintings has connected her life experence and become more Expressionist style. recently, she is focused on Tasmaina landscapes.
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    1958 born in Beijing,China. 1978-1982 studys in the prestigious Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Art. Beijing.1982 teachs partime at CAFA. 1983 she was teaching at Chunwen Culture Centre. 1985 curated importent : NOVENBER EXHIBITION. 1986 as an art editor for Shenjian magazine.and later that year was married. 1987 with othe elite artists attended "Toward the Future"at the National Musem Gallery of China. 1988 with husband travled to Australia.1989 both immigrated to Australia.
    1989 Dec Baoying has her first solo exhibition A CHINESE WOMAN VIEW at Griffith University. 1990 she has second solo show at Deans Gallery, Gold Coast. 1992 she has the third solo show in Australia - China Culture Exchang at Brisbane. since her saperation in 1994, she was been drag into endless legal battles from her lawyer husband to the end by 2006. during these priod of time she was rised her daughter and continuously attend some of the exhibitions. 2004 she with her daughter have relocted to Sydney. she was start activly with her art make and study.
    2007-2009 Baoying has undertake the Master programe at the Collage of Fine Arts,UNSW.SYDNEY. In May 2010 she has her 4th solo show at Art Atrium Gallery, Sydney. the paintings were inspired from her 7 weeks artist in residence at Tasmania's Lake St Clair.


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