Australian Art


AKA: Christian Palmer

Born: 1970 London
  • Abstract
  • Conceptual
  • Landscape
  • Painter

I went to Art College expecting to be liberated. Instead I found it restrictive and uninspiring. That is not to say I did not learn anything. Art school taught me that with so many talented people in the world dedicated to their profession there has to be something beyond technique that defines the work of an artist. There has to be a journey and a story to tell so I left my studies behind and continued my travels for which I have an insatiable appetite. Art took a back seat in the form of my sketch book and I spent many years doing all sorts of jobs ending up in media and graphic arts but it was always going to be a compromise and the cap never really fit.

It took me ten years to get back to the canvas in earnest. Inspired by my peers and spurred on by self belief I began to collaborate with a group of artists on the island of Gozo in the Mediterranean. We experimented with techniques and materials, worked collectively on the same canvases and painted with little respect for the canvas, in awe of the process of painting without restraint.

I emigrated to Australia in 2001 and started a family in Byron Bay where I self published a photographic journal called 'Byron Bay Diaries' and set up a studio to paint. We moved to Sydney in September 2003 for financial reasons and my time is divided between pursuing my career as an artist and raising my daughter.

What I find most fulfilling about painting is the marriage of thought and intuition; the process of channeling inspiration. I endeavor to communicate my relationship with the world and the worlds' relationship with spirit. I am always inspired by nature and especially large expanses, seemingly untouched by man. I absorb landscapes through my sketching but rarely will I try to regurgitate it when it comes to painting. I am much more interested in the impact an experience has on me and it is the experience I wish to share.


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