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AKA: Dennis Baker

Born: 1951 Kempsey, NSW
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Dennis Baker
Australian Contemporary Painter
57 solo exhibitions and over 120 group exhibitions.
Currently lives and works inner city, Sydney.

Selected Biography

1951 Born 9th February, Kempsey (North Coast, NSW, Australia)
1951 – 68 Lived in the small rural village of Eungai Rail
(Nambucca Valley, located on the NSW North Coast between
Sydney and Brisbane). Started painting at the age of 7 and
painting large oils at the age of 11.
1973 Graduated Armidale CAE/University of New England as a
secondary school teacher. Taught in government secondary
schools in Sydney and Wollongong from 1974 to 1978.
1976 Commenced serious painting.
First solo show at Norfolk Galleries, Paddington, Sydney - “Drawings of Sydney and Surrounds”
1977 * Exhibition Port Macquarie town centre, NSW
* Study tour – Pacific Islands and North Island, New Zealand
* First ventured into Australian inland. Painted Hill End.
1977 - 78 * Major exhibition – Strawberry Hills Gallery, Surry
Hills, Sydney – “Hill End”
1979 * Exhibition – Artelier Galley, Dubbo from painting trip to
Coober Pedy, Alice Springs,and Oodnadatta
* Study London
* Travel and study in France, Germany, Italy, Holland,
UK, Switzerland, Persian Gulf, Singapore & Malaysia
1980 - 81 Lived and worked in Dubbo, Western NSW. Worked on
Australian Landscape series for Packer owned
publication “Overlander magazine”. Series ran as centre
spread of paintings, stories and drawing on Australian
outback locations.
1981 * Exhibition Gallery Beta, Caloundra, QLD – “Inland
* Trip to Alice Springs, Ayers Rock
1980 - 83 * Series of exhibitions, Baker Galleries, Dubbo, NSW
1983 * Painting trip inland Australia
1985 - 90 * Lochiel House Gallery, Kurrajong Heights, NSW –
yearly exhibitions
1987 - 88 * Exhibitions Old Shire Gallery, Dubbo, NSW
1989 * Exhibition Allenwood Gallery, NSW
1989 - 92 * Exhibitions Dennis Baker Gallery, Gosford
1991 * Painting trip - UK, France, Holland, Italy, Greece,
Germany, Yugoslavia
* Started major work on Venice
* Major exhibition Sheraton Wentworth Hotel, Sydney
for Christopher Robin Committee, Royal Childrens
Hospital, Sydney
1992 * Major exhibition Mary Place gallery, Paddington –
“Eungai to Venice”
* Painting trip to inland Australia along the
Birdsville Track, Strzlecki Track, Oodnatta Track
and The French Line
* Exhibition Park Gallery, North Beach Park Royal
Hotel, Woollongong
1993 * Exhibition Barry Stern Galleries, Paddington –
“Australian Outback Landscapes”
* Major painting trip around Australia with
particular focus on Queensland Gulf country
Croydon & Normanton), Kakadu, Bungle Bungles,
Kimberleys, goldfields of Western Australia
and the Nullabor
* Major exhibition Baker Galleries, Argyle St, The
Rocks, Sydney – “Australian Images”
1994 * Exhibitions Baker Galleries, Argyle St, The Rocks,
Sydney – “Images of Australia II & III”
1995 * Painting tour - California, Arizona, Nevada,
Colorado, New York, New Mexico, Canada, Hawaii
* Painting tour - UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia
1996 * Exhibition Nessarc Gallery, Woollongong – “Kakadu &
Northern Territory Painting Journey”
* Exhibition Wentworth Galleries, Paddington – “New
* Exhibition Wentworth Galleries, Paddington –
“American Markers Series”
1999 * Exhibition Wentworth Galleries, Danks St, Waterloo – “Sydney by Night”
1998 * Exhibition Wentworth Galleries, Danks St, Waterloo – “Australian Images”
* Exhibition Wentworth Galleries, Danks St, Waterloo – “Venice Drawings”
* Sydney hail storm destroyed the artists inner city
studio with most paintings, drawings and prints being
1999 * Exhibition Baker Galleries, Argyle St, The Rocks,
Sydney – “Sydney”
* Painting and study trip to California, Arizona, Nevada,
Colorado, New York, New Mexico, Canada & Hawaii
* Second study tour and painting trip to UK, Ireland, West
Coast of Scotland, Venice, Rome, Spain, Germany,
Thailand, Hong Kong & Singapore
* Exhibition Baker Galleries, Five Ways, Glenmore Road,
Paddington – “Venetian Major Works”
* Painting trip - South Island, New Zealand
2000 * Major exhibition to coincide with the Sydney Olympics - “Emerald City”. This exhibition marked a major turning
point in the artist’s work
* Exhibition Baker Galleries, Five Ways, Glenmore Road,
Paddington – “Venice”
2001 * Exhibition Baker Galleries, Five Ways, Glenmore Road,
Paddington – “Inland & Northern Australia”
* Painting trip to Kakadu, Central Australia, Normanton,
Croydon Gulf country North Queensland, Daintree, Cape
York, Cooktown, and far North Queensland
2002 * Exhibition Baker Galleries, Five Ways, Glenmore
Road,Paddington – “Emerald City II”
* Painting trip to Kakadu, Northern Australia, Central
Queensland and Central Australia
2003 * Exhibition Baker Galleries, Five Ways, Glenmore Road,
Paddington – “Emerald City Night and Day”
This exhibition featured large works plus a new
direction into steel sculpture.
* Painting trip – Paris, Venice, St Ives (Cornwall),
West Coast of Scotland (Mallaig), Rome, Milan,
Switzerland, Greek Islands (Santorini & Mykonos)
2004 * Exhibition Wine Country Gallery, Havelock North, New
Zealand – “ New Zealand and Australian Abstractions”
* Exhibition Paddington Contemporary, Paddington,
Sydney - "New Works from the Kakadu & Emerald City
* Working on major publication – “Eungai to Venice -
the art of Dennis Baker”


Represented in over 60 corporate collections in Australia and internationally, including Qantas, BHP Billiton,
Lion Nathan (New Zealand), Binney & Smith (USA), Husumer Mineralbrunnen (Germany) and Pither (Canada).
Private collections in UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden,
Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Greece, New Zealand and Australia.


1979 – 81 Overlander Magazine – “Australian Landscape Series”
1984 Artists and Galleries of Australia, Max Germain,
Craftsman House
1990 Artists and Galleries of Australia, Max Germain 2nd
1990 –94 Look, Art Gallery of New South Wales
1991 Australian Country Style Magazine
1992- 9 State of the Art Magazine
1992 Art File (Craft Arts International Press)
1992 Artists of Australia, Buyers Guide to Australian Art –
Graham Ryles, Mandarin Press
1993 Craft Arts Magazine, Portfolio # 104
1976 – 04 Numerous press stories, Australia (and Japan)
1989 – 03 Illustrations of paintings in Art and Australia
1995 – 96 Australian Antique Collectors Magazine
2001 – 02 Art Sales Index (34th annual edition) International
auction sales results
2002 – 03 Australian Art Auction Sales Digest
2004 Currently working on major book – “Eungai to Venice –
the art of Dennis Baker” which will cover the last 28
years of his work.

Current auction record AUD$33,350


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