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Mandala (734)
Mandala (734)

AKA: Ernie Gerzabek
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Impressionist
  • Landscape
  • Mixed Media
  • Painter
  • Photographer
  • Print Maker
  • Established
Waterside shift 3.
Waterside shift 3.

Ernie Gerzabek was born in Budapest Hungary and emmigrated to Australia in 1958. He lives in Sydney on the Northern Beaches.
Summer glow (722)
Summer glow (722)

Ernie Gerzabek started painting in 1970 while practising as an Architect. He has exhibited in various group and solo shows ever since. As the popularity of his paintings increased, he retired from Architecture in 1997 to paint full time.
Gerzabek's main inspiration is Nature and the unique landscapes of Australia in particular: wilderness areas, wetlands, the unspoilt countryside, deserts and seashores.
His paintings not only encapsulate the essential elements, colours and features of a particular place, but also recreate the ambience and the ‘feel’ of being there.
Gerzabek tends to create playful, decorative and inspiring images, which are both optimistic and spiritually uplifting. His aim is to provide enjoyment and relaxation so as to counter the stresses of everyday life.
Apart from Australia, his works can be found in private collections all around the world, including USA, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand and a number of European countries.


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