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It has always been my dream to paint, but to make a living from it, now thatís a dream? I was working as a graphic artist until in 2001 I just needed to pick up a brush and see where my lifelong dream would take me.

Living in Melbourne all of my life, in 2000 I moved to Byron Bay where the pursuit of an unrealised obsession to paint began. Self taught with a few workshops thrown in; I began painting full time; I was determined. After a few months of painting I decided to approach a fine art gallery in town to see if they would like to represent my work. I took with me a framed A4 figurative piece but the gallery owner was so busy, I put it on the counter while I waited. A customer was there at the time who asked me whoís work this was, I told him it was mine and he asked me how much I wanted for it. The gallery owner was still busy so I said $600; he said he would take it! Needless to say this is the gallery who ended up representing me in Byron. Thus began my professional painting career!

After 2 years of painting and selling proficiently in Byron my family and I decided to move back to our beloved Port Philip shire in Melbourne. The thought of showing in Melbourne was an exciting prospect. Upon returning to Melbourne and re-experiencing itís moody skies, I felt a need to lighten up my style. I started to pay more attention to social personas. I began to paint the girls, seemingly the same girl echoed subtly in different stages of being. The girls can be interpreted as social clones or facets of the same person. The more you look at them the more you see in their faces, attitudes such as calmness, indifference, curiosity and always an interplay between them. And thatís what holds my fascination with them and hopefully captures the imagination of viewers when they look at them.

At the same time I am experimenting in abstract expressionism, a genre that I admire very much. It was a natural progression for me as it feeds my fascination and love of color, tone, form and texture. Purely instinctive painting that comes from within and seemingly paints itself. For me there is a particular magic to abstract painting that also lends results to my figurative works.

I love to paint and I can only hope that everyone who views my work, enjoys it as much as I enjoy painting them.

`Bolli Babes`
`Bolli Babes`


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