Australian Art


AKA: Garry McEwan
  • Contemporary
  • Mixed Media
  • Print Maker

Garry uses colours that make our skies bluer, our trees greener and our hearts warmer. His recent studies of flowers highlight Garry’s passion for colour. He sees flowers as emotions and often depicts them in compositions that reflect his own personal growth.

Fresh out of Art School in 1992, Garry McEwan arrived in Melbourne and was immediately captivated by the vibrancy and magnificence of the city. His inspiration took him on a new creative journey as he undertook a series of exuberant oil pastel drawings of many of our favourite and unique landmarks. Within months Garry was selling his works on the St Kilda Esplanade and as they grew in popularity, he opened a gallery in Acland St., St Kilda.
Garry’s original works hang in private collections around the world. His images have been used to promote Melbourne overseas by the Victorian Government, and purchased as gifts for visiting dignitaries. His original drawings are often selected as prizes and won by contestants on the popular “Sale of the Century” TV series.


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