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The Early Catch
The Early Catch

AKA: Gerard Maille

Born: 1951 Sete France
  • Digital
  • Drawings
  • Landscape
  • Mixed Media
  • Painter
  • Portrait
  • Realist
  • Still Life
  • Traditional

My journey as an artist began, as with so many children, with a love of drawing. In fact, all kinds of manual and construction activities attracted me as a child. My parents, recognizing my natural artistic flair, sent me to a fine arts school for several years until I was about seventeen. The experience was pure joy. I loved it all, and I remember especially the smells of the art studio, a mixture of paint, clay, and turpentine.
This pathway, however, was sadly not to continue, as I then entered the French Airforce. Yes, I am French, born on the Mediterranean Coast of France in the fishing town of Sѐte. I suppose being French kind of goes hand in hand with being an artist, but at this point in my life such was not to be. I was born in the post-World War 2 era, and my parents saw a need for job security, rather than me becoming a Rembrandt or a Gaugin. My artistic journey was therefore interrupted.
In 1974, I married an Australian girl, and we set forth to make a life for ourselves in the north of France. I worked in aviation at Bourget Airport in Paris, and we got on with family life. In my spare time I painted, thriving on the encouragement of my wife and children. Our home became my gallery. At this point, my painting style was heavily influenced by the great French classics, and I loved painting still life, landscape and seascape. Oil on canvas became my hobby.
In 1986 we decided to emigrate to Australia, a life changing experience on many levels. For one thing, it signalled the end of my career in aviation, as I was determined to forge a new career in art. This began when I decided to do a graphic art course in Brisbane in 1988, with a view, of course, to opening a graphic art business, which I did, under the name of “GM Design”.
The nature of my business evolved very quickly, as I saw opportunity to make my art even more commercial beyond just graphic art. I began to do murals, commission paintings, decorative art for commercial venues and home interiors and exteriors, and eventually gilding. It was a world of art expression that I would never have dreamt of in France, and there I was, making a career of it in Australia. The name of my business changed most appropriately to “Art on Walls”.
As I continue to run my business today, my focus has turned more to commission painting, a kind of return to the origins of my love of art, but with the difference that I now paint in a range of styles, as testified to in my art catalogue in my website. I am particularly proud of my “trompe l’oeil” and window effect paintings, which have proven very popular.
I have also developed an interest in book illustration. My completed works include technical illustrations for the trade and medical industries, LOTE textbooks for education, and my own recently published work, the illustrated comic series “Chronicles of Shade”.
I have a well-developed understanding of the place of technology in the field of art, and have accordingly expanded my illustration competency by developing my skills in digital art. By adding this valuable skill to my already large repertoire of technology skills developed as a graphic artist, I have been able to assist artists and indeed a range of business people to build their own websites. This has now become a significant area of professional activity for me.
Fisherman box
Fisherman box


Certificate in Traditional Decorative Finishes [1997]
Yeronga Institute of TAFE

Techniques Developed
· All aspects of interior decorative finishes, including marbling, wood-graining, rag roiling, French wash.
Practical application:
Further broadening of base skills which not only highlight these art forms but allow the incorporation of traditional techniques in modern context, thus extending and enhancing the artist’s capacity to deal with a greater variety of situations.

Diploma in Graphic Design and Commercial Art [1988-1989]
The Advertising Academy

Techniques Developed
· Studies in drawing and illustration, layout rendering, concept and design in layout.
· Theory of advertising
· Cartooning and airbrushing finished art
· Cartooning
· Graphic art
· Logo design

Certificate in Film Production [1981-1982]
“Educatel” School of Film and Television [Paris, France]

Techniques Developed
· Production of documentaries
· Scriptwriting, directing, filming
· Development of skills in editing, lighting, sound, background creative skills, and set models

Education in the medium of film and television and its use as both a means of artistic expression. Together with knowledge of graphic design and commercial art, this forms the basis of the majority of mainstream marketing.

Diploma in Mural Design [1968-1969]
“Beaux Arts” School of Fine Art [Sète, France]

Techniques developed
· Extensive studies in “Trompe L’Oeil” painting techniques
· Perspective and 3D effects
· All aspects of mural painting and design

Practical Applications
The acquisition and honing of essential skills for an artist specializing in the paint medium.

Bachelor of Fine Arts [1965-1968]
“BEAUX ARTS” School of Fine Art [Sète. France]

Techniques developed
· Extensive studies of all aspects of Fine Art
· Studies in painting, figure drawing, sculpture, and architecture
· Knowledge of application of all art mediums
· Gilding techniques

Practical Applications
Education in art technique permitting the execution of a variety of art styles including freehand drawing, oil paintings, murals & frescos technique, pottery, sculptures & architectural designs.


1997 – Current “Art on Walls Pty Ltd” [Brisbane]

Position: Owner and Manager, Artist and Trompe l’Oeil specialist

Technical duties
· Extensive mural painting and design work
· Domestic and commercial interior design
· Specialist in interior decorative finishes
· Interior & exterior architectural gilding
· Furniture restoration to suit all period decorative styles
· Extensive collection of artworks, such as painting, in many different mediums
· Commission paintings
· Colour consultancy

1990- 1997 GM Design [Brisbane]

Position: Owner and Manager, Artist

Technical duties
· Illustrations
· Logo design
· Graphic art


· Ability to lead, as displayed by achievement and past employment
· Excellent customer relations skills and ability to accommodate to all client requirements
· Drive to success in all aspects of my professional and personal life
· Ability to work efficiently and effectively, either on my own or in a group
· Confidence in my skills and knowledge in my field
· Ability to work effectively and productively in public areas

· Painting
· Model making & woodworking
· Reading & listening to music
· Bushwalking & traveling


· Conducted a successful dole-person small business with outstanding success for 9 years
· Was selected to perform as part of a small team of Australian artists in the Treasury Casino “Art Gallery in a Car Park” project
· Successfully conducted two solo art exhibitions, selling all pieces of artworks
· Winner of 1998 Master painters and Decorators award
Winner of 2018 Best of Houzz for Services


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