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Taboo.  2007
Taboo. 2007

AKA: Ian Rogers

Born: 1968 Vancouver, Canada
  • Abstract
  • Conceptual
  • Contemporary
  • Painter
  • Realist
  • Established
Virtue. 2003
Virtue. 2003

'Mechism', a word created and adopted by Ian Rogers as part of his genre, the mechanical metaphors for a variety of personal issues and social foibles. Ian Rogers Works can be seen to have defined a unique new style of art. The solidity of the concept, the multiple levels of appreciation allowed for in its execution and the fine painting may explain the enormous interest generated by his exhibitions. That this can be acheived in illusionist painting bordering on abstraction was Ian's remarkable discovery.That the idea is fertile is demonstrated by the remarkable development of his work over the last six years.

by Dr Manfred Krautschneider 2006
Peep. 2004
Peep. 2004

2007 Die Liebe Liebe - Delshan Gallery
2006 Innuendo - Lynne Wilton Gallery
2004 Insight - Tilt Contempory Art
2003 Substratum - Chapman and Bailey Gallery
2002 Mechism - Mira Fine Art Gallery
2001 Recent works - Windows Gallery


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