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AKA: Kathrin Longhurst
  • Figurative
  • Portrait

Kathrin Longhurst

Kathrin grew up behind the Iron Curtain in East Berlin. She was always noticed for her drawing skills and started attending life-drawing classes when she was only 14 years old. She later moved to Sweden, where she regularly got commissioned for family and pet portraits.

But it wasn't until much later she turned her hobby into her livelihood. After a career in different corporate sales positions, she now does what she loves most - paint. She still attends regular life drawing classes at the Northshore School of Art in Mosman. She has been living on the North Shore in Sydney since 2000.

Kathrin is a stand for her own artwork but also for the success of other artists. She is one of the driving forces behind Northern Expressions Artist Co-op. Northern Expressions provides a fantastic support structure and nurturing environment for it's 25 odd members.

Kathrin's favourite medium is oil. Her paintings are bright, large, happy and often sensual. She wants to bring enjoyment and appreciation of beauty to the viewer. Her style has a touch of photorealism, some work tends towards surrealism. Kathrin accepts commission work.

"Real passion to me means - being a stand for my art and for other artists".


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