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Born: 1954 Leeton, NSW.
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1954 Born Leeton, NSW.
1977-81 Diploma in Art, (Major Sculpture and Electromedia), Alexander Mackie CAE, Sydney.
1982-86 BA (Film & Television Directing), AFTRS.
1983 Produced/Directed Demonstration Films for Prints Dept, ANG, Canberra.
1984 Guest Lecturer, Sculpture, Gloucestershire Institute of Art & Technology, UK
1987-89 Art Teacher, (Sculpture/Films) St Aloysius College, Sydney.
1990 Lecturer, Sculpture, Australian Catholic University.
Awarded Script Development Grant, Australian Film Commission.
1991 Tutor, Sculpture, Waverley/Woollahra Art Centre, Sydney.
1992-93 Awarded Film Production Investment Grant, Australian Film Commission.
1993 Guest of Mannhiem International Film Festival.
1994-99 Lecturer, Screen Language/Writing/Directing, University of Sydney Union Broadcasting.
1997-98 Guest Lecturer, (Sculpture) Uni of Sydney/Newcastle Uni.

1990 Access Gallery, Sydney.
1991 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1993 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1994 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1996 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1997 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1998 Beaver Galleries, Canberra (in conjunction with The Canberra National Sculpture Forum).
1999 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
2000 Port Jackson Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
Collaborative Exhibition with Sokquon Tran, Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
2002 Beaver Galleries, Canberra.
2003 Collaboration with Sokquon Tran, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

1973 Two Artists, Paintings, The Gallery, Albury, NSW.
1978 Selected, Student Exhibitor, First Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.
1980 NSW Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney.
1981 To Surface, Sculpture with Bronwyn Oliver, War Memorial Gallery, University of Sydney.
A Survey of Australian Sculptors, Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney.
Macquarie Art Award, (2nd Prize, Sculpture) Syd.
1982 Christmas Show, Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney.
1983 NSW Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition, (Highly Commended), Blaxland Gallery, Sydney.
1984 Four in Hand, Sculpture, The Gallery, NSW House, The Strand, London.
1990 ACAF•2, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
1990-99 Birthday/Survey Exhibition, Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1992 ACAF•3, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
Access to Adelaide, Sculpture Exhibition, BMG Fine Art, Adelaide.
1993 New Art Eight, Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1994 ACAF•4, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
1996 ACAF•5, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
1998 Figure in the Landscape, King Street Gallery, Sydney.
Bloom, Open House Gallery, Sydney.
Toys by Artists, Touring, curated by Michael Keighery, Faculty of Art & Design Gallery, Uni of Newcastle, NSW.
ACAF•6, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
The Defiant 6", Defiance Gallery, Sydney.
1999 Five Easy Pieces, Defiance Gallery, Sydney.
Big Thoughts Small Works, Defiance Gallery,Sydney.
2000 Sculpture 2000, Curated by Sascha Tyson, Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
Contemporary Sculpture by Leslie Oliver and Peter Tilley, Penrith Regional Gallery, Emu Plains, NSW.
Artfair 2000, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
Importance of Being Small, King Street Gallery and Defiance Gallery, Sydney.
2001 Small Wonders, King Street Gallery and Defiance Gallery.
Fishers’ Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Regional Gallery.
2002 New Objects/New Things Pt.1, Brenda May Gallery.
Annual 6” Sculpture Show, Defiance Gallery, Syd.
Woollahra Sculpture Prize, Woollahra Redleaf gallery, Syd.
1st Birthday Show, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2003 Sculpture 2003 - Dangerous Toys, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2004 Sculpture 2004 - Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
The Frank Saxby Bequest Intivation Art Acquisitions Prize, Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree (collaborative work).

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1985-86 Tennis court Opera, Writer/Producer/Director, 16mm, 24 min, colour, drama.
1986 Australian Film Week, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
American Academy Award Nomination, (Student Short Film) LA, USA.
35th Melbourne Film Festival.
St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne.
1992-93 You Can't Push the River, Writer/Director, 16mm, 75 min, colour, drama/essay.
1993 Brisbane International Film Festival.
Mannhiem International Film Festival, (in competition), Ger.
Dublin Film Festival, Ireland.
The Pan Celtic Film Festival, Cork, Ireland.

1999 Sculpture-Qantas Airlines, Hong Kong international Airport.
2001/02 11 works, in collaboration with Sokquon Tran for Qantas International Business and First Class Lounges, Sydney.

COFA, University of NSW; Artbank; Hong Kong International Airport; Qantas International Airport Business/First Class Lounges (major commission); Australia, UK, Hong Kong, USA.


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