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AKA: Liz Dunn
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Landscape
  • Painter

Liz Dunn is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts, University NSW, where she majored in painting. She has taught Visual Arts in NSW schools to classes ranging from year 3 to year 12 and now teaches Mixed Media Art classes for school children and adults.

The surrounding environment, both natural and man-made, inspires her work. Weathered rocks, stained concrete and peeling paint have all been subjects, often greatly enlarged to create monumental abstract forms with a contrasting linear element.

After working in a totally abstract way for a number of years, Lizís interest has recently turned to the Australian landscape. Her series of smaller scale paintings explore the concept of the horizon line, the boundary between land, sky, water, ridgeline, with special consideration being given to the placement of this border in the field of vision. The position of the horizon defines the vastness of either land or sky. Textural quality both real and simulated is a major element and the use of a limited palette emphasizes this quality and defines the nature of the landscape.


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New South Wales

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