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Martha Waijop
Martha Waijop

AKA: Martha Waijop

Born: 1945 Edam
  • Contemporary
  • Sculptor
  • Established

Lives and works in The Netherlands
Represented in Australia by Uber Gallery

Although the artist’s commissioned sculptures are distinguished from her free works in scale and form, the expressed three-dimensional character is typical for all of Martha Waijop her works. In her view, a sculpture must be interesting from all angles. It is this which according tot the artist, defines the sculptural character. During the creative process, she therefore always places her sculptures on a rotating device in front of a mirror. “To me a sculpture is good if it surprises me from all points of view.”


1986 E.P. Galerie, Düsseldorf, Duitsland
1990 Kunst & AntikForum, Basel, Zwitserland
1990 Galerie Schörli-Hüs, Zürich, Zwitserland
1992 Europ' Art, Genève, Zwitserland
1992 Vigierhof, Solothurn, Zwitserland
1993 Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam
1994 Galerie Les Hirondelles, Coppet, Zwitserland
1995 Beeldentuin DeHullu, Gees
1996 Contemporary Art Centre, Schalkwijk
1996 Smelik & Stokking (solo-expositie), Den Haag
1997 Beeldentuin DeHullu, Gees
1997 Artterre, Eefde
1998 Holland Art Fair, Den Haag
1998 Sous Terre, Lithoijen
1998 Salon Rouge, Amsterdam
1999 Holland Art Fair, Den Haag
1999 Artterre, Eefde
2000 Keukenhof, Lisse
2000 Beeldentuin DeHullu, Gees
2000 Artterre, Eefde
2000 Galerie Elisabeth den Bieman de Haas,
2001 Beeldentuin DeHullu, Gees
2002 Beeldentuin DeHullu, Gees
2002 Beeldlijn, Amersfoort
2002 Art Miami, Miami, VS
2003 Beeldentuin DeHullu, Gees
2003 Art Miami, Miami, VS
2003 Texas Fine Art, Houston, VS
2004 Galerie Sous-Terre, Lithoijen
2004 Beeldlijn, Amersfoort
2004 Beeldentuin, DeHullu, Gees
2004 Galeries Beukenhof, Kluisbergen, België
2004 Über Galery, Melbourne, Australië
2004 Beeldentuin De Tienhof, Tienhoven

Martha Waijop – Sculpturen, een tijdsbeeld (Beekbergen, 1997)
Martha Waijop – Sculpturen (Beekbergen, 2002)
A new book will be published in 2005


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