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AKA: Megan Carmont
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Painter

Megan Carmont

Raised in the country on the South Coast of New South Wales Meganís associations with land and space influence her art along with her love of the modern aspects of city life. Now based in Sydney she juggles her love of art with the caring and love of her two children Will and Ava, together with her (long suffering and patient) husband Richard.

Her introduction to art in secondary school carried on to a career in fashion where she consulted and had direct contact with designers, both ranging and directing styling on upcoming collections. Her earlier creative outlets included ceramics, glass art, jewellery making and photography.

Meganís unique combinations of colour and texture are inspired by both instinct and reflections of our natural and urban environment. She exhibits a natural feel for composition that renders her work aesthetically pleasing to a broad audience.

By combining free hand techniques with creative use of mixed media Megan is able to bring a distinctive and unique feel to her works.

The abstract influences in her art are a result of the compelling drive to create a work that stimulates the mind to contemplate, explore and absorb.

Megan has and extensive portfolio of commissioned works. These commissions have been for both private and corporate collectors in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.


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