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Flow I
Flow I

AKA: Paul Waycott

Born: 1978 Australia
  • Contemporary
  • Figurative
  • Mixed Media
  • Painter
Blue Nude
Blue Nude

"Chaos vs order, art vs science, dynamics vs static… these supposed antitheses or conflicts, and the boundaries between them, have been inherent and enormously influential in my life, and therefore my art. In the process of coming up against these boundaries, and finding myself in the centre of these conflicts, I have come to question if they really need to exist. Or rather, how one can find themselves in a fluid state of equilibrium; part artist part scientist, part ordered part chaotic.

In exploring this concept in my work, I hope not to impose my own ideas of its meaning on the viewer such as to construct borders around their imagination. By using minimalist and abstract form, I hope they will be empowered to explore the landscape of my work, and in doing so, to explore their own landscape and the nature of its borders.”

Paul Waycott, began a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University, but followed the arts three years later. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) at RMIT and has been selected to participate in an exchange program at Newcastle University, in the UK.
Four Seasons
Four Seasons


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) at RMIT University, Melbourne 2004 (current)
Diploma of Visual Arts at Swinburne University, in 2002
Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University in 1997-2000

VCE at Wesley College, studying Chemistry, Physics, Mathematical Methods, Legal Studies, English and Physical Education in 1996.


2004 “Contained Relief” Über Gallery St Kilda
2002 Melbourne International Flower Show Melbourne
2002 Next Wave Festival, id space Melbourne
2000 1st Floor Artist Studios Fitzroy

Selected to take part in exchange program at University of Newcastle, UK, in September 2004.


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