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Shore (detail)
Shore (detail)

AKA: Regina Heinz

Born: 1957 Vienna, Austria
  • Abstract
  • Ceramics
  • Contemporary
  • Established
Dress (detail)
Dress (detail)

Lives and works in London UK
Represented in Australia by Uber Gallery

Regina Heinz studied Fine Art and Ceramics in Vienna, Geneva and London. Resident in the UK since 1989, Regina established her ceramics studio in 1996 in London and received a Setting up Grant from the Crafts Council in 1998. She is a member of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain and the Crafts Council Selected Member Index.

Best known for her painterly ceramics constructed from flat slabs, Regina specializes in ceramic art. Her pieces, encompassing free standing sculptures and relief pieces for wall hanging, are hand built, constructed by gently manipulating soft slabs of clay. Slabs are rolled out and while still soft pushed, stretched, incised and joined until the piece has taken on it's final shape and expression, yet the material has retained it's original softness and surface texture. This technique is paramount to Regina's work and requires both spontaneity and control as the soft slabs react to every touch and record every imprint of the hand.


1995 Masters in Sculpture Wimbledon School of Art, UK
1993 Diploma in Ceramics Guildhall London, UK
1991 Postgraduate Diploma Goldsmith’s College, UK
1989 Diploma in Ceramics Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués, Switzerland
1981 Masters in Painting, Art Education and German Literature, Academy of Fine Art, University of Vienna, Austria


2004 “Contained Relief” Über Gallery Melbourne,Australia
2004 Biennale of Sculpture & Ceramics Luxembourg,Germany
2004 Biennale of Ceramics Taiwan Taipei,Taiwan
2002 Gallery Art Spectra Tulln,Austria
2002 International Biennale of Ceramics Vallauris,France
2001 Galerie Handwerk Munich,Germany
2001 Loes & Reiner, CPA Exhibition Deventer,Holland
2001 International Ceramic Art Faeza,Italy
1999 European Biennial of Ceramics Manises,Spain
1998 Galerie Ceramic Arts Vienna,Austria
1997 Triennial of Small Ceramics Zagreb,Croatia


2004 Maureen Michaelson, Garden Exhibition Ruthin
2003 ART 2000 – 2003, Adrian Sassoon London
2003 Chelsea Crafts Fair 1999 – 2003 London
2003 Dorman Museum Middleborough
2002 Earth & Fire Ceramic Fair Ollerton
2002 Craft Council Shop, V & A Museum London
2001 Lemon Street Gallery Truro
2001 Midlands Art Centre Birmingham
2000 Craft Council Shop, V & A Museum London
2000 Eton Applied Arts Windsor
1999 Showcase Contemporary Ceramics London
1999 Craft Council Shop, V & A Museum London
1999 Angel Row Gallery Nottingham
1998 Paul Rice Gallery London


2004 Westwald Ceramics Prize Germany
2002 Residency, North Devon Ceramic UK
2002 Residency, Cleveland Craft Centre UK
2002 Adrian Sassoon Art of the Kiln Award UK
2000 Residency, Rufford Ceramic Centre UK
1999 City Prize of Vénissieux France
1999 Scholarship, Internation Ceramic Studio Hungary
1998 Setting Up Grant, Crafts Council UK
1997 Sidney Myer International Ceramics Award Australia


2002 British Crafts Council Selected Maker Index 2002
1998 Craft Potters Association of Great Britain


2003 The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery UK
2002 Fitzwilliam Museum UK
2001 Museum of International Ceramics Italy
1999 Museum of Ceramics Spain
1998 Art Collection of the Austrian Government Austria
1998 International Ceramics Studio Hungary
1997 Shepparton Art Gallery Australia


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