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Higher than the Sun
Higher than the Sun

Born: 1966 Angaston, SA
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  • Figurative
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`Shooting for the Moon`
`Shooting for the Moon`

My work mostly follows the long tradition of figurative painting in European art, drawing on influences from so many places and ages, too many to mention. I admire and try to emulate the skills of the 'old masters' from the early middle ages through to the 1900's. Skills which have been mostly lost, and remain to be mastered again by future artists. Fortunately my painting teacher taught me much about how to appreciate the masters and I am still learning. I am also inspired by much contemporary art, culture and philosophy, and try to incorporate it within the medium of traditional figurative painting. Music in all its forms and styles, colours my day of painting, and is so much a part of my life, it infuses and imbues the work, subtly transforming the moods created through vibrations in the air, to vibrations in colour.

Most of my paintings are oil on canvas or linen with a gesso base. Occasionally the paintings are begun in acrylics and finished in oil. They are all done with brushes, rags, fingers, sandpaper and traditional combinations of oil mediums, usually ART SPECTRUM brand. Typically I begin with thin washes using a lean medium, and build up layers with progressively fatter mediums. Glazes are often used, and Damar varnish brings out the deeper colours as a final varnish.
Electrolux Dreaming
Electrolux Dreaming

2004 Nov 11. Exhibition with PIVOTAL GALLERY Melbourne, Victoria.
2004 July 18. Exhibition with GREENHILL GALLERY Adelaide, South Australia.
2004 June 3. Exhibition with LAMOSTRA GALLERY CARDIFF, WALES, UK.
2003 June 22. Exhibition with GREENHILL GALLERY Adelaide, South Australia.
2003 February 1-21. Solo exhibition with RUSHCUTTERS BAY GALLERY, Sydney.
2002 Exhibiting with DURAL GALLERY, Sydney NSW.
2002 First Prize in the INTERNATIONAL ART CONTEST; Realism section.
2001 Online graphic design and digital imaging for Nairam Multimedia Corporation, Toronto.
2001 November-January 2002: Exhibited with RUSHCUTTERS BAY GALLERY, Sydney, NSW.
2001 APRIL: Exhibition with GREENHILL GALLERY in Adelaide, South Australia.
1999 Online graphic design, animation and digital imaging for Nairam Multimedia Corporation, Toronto.
1999 Digital Imaging artist for Atkins Technicolour Adelaide. Work included Photographic restoration, pre-press and Digital Artwork.
1998 Travelled to South Africa.
1998 Online Exhibition in 'Artcurrent. Inc.' ()
1998 Solo Exhibition, BMGART, Adelaide.
1998 Exhibition, Pulteny Grammar School.
1998 Assistant teacher, DTP course, Concordia College, Adelaide
1998 Interior design, Adelaide Entertainment Centre.
1998 Established website. (you are here)
1997 Freelance Digital Imaging for Atkins Technicolour Adelaide.
1997 Wall Installation and Interior design, Adelaide Entertainment Centre.
1997 Group Exhibition, BMG ART Adelaide.
1996 Assisting Teacher, Digital Imaging and Desk Top Publishing course, Concordia College, Adelaide.
1996 Exhibition - Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide.
1996 Exhibition-'1996 EVA exhibition', Pulteny Grammar School, Adelaide.
1996 Exhibition-'From Artzone to Zone Gallery - Ten years', Zone Gallery, Adelaide.
1996 Solo exhibition, BMG ART Adelaide.
1995 Assisting Artist, Enfield Youth Services Mural Project.
1995 Taught painting and drawing, Western Adelaide Institute of TAFE.
1995 Exhibition, University of Adelaide, SA.
1995 Exhibition, Grandeur House, Adelaide.
1995 Solo Exhibition, Art Images Gallery, Adelaide.
1994 Exhibition with Bill Doyle and Christine McCormack - 'The Socialist Pop Stars on Smack', Artzone Gallery, Adelaide.
1993 Solo exhibition - 'Recent worries', Griffins Head Hotel, Adelaide.
1993 Exhibition with Bill Doyle - ' The 3rd annual general report of the BILBAX corporation' - Artzone Gallery, Adelaide.
1992 Exhibition, Bimbo, Adelaide.
1992 Exhibition with Bill Doyle - 'Starve!', Artzone Gallery, Adelaide.
1991 Exhibition with Bill Doyle - 'Bite!', Artzone Gallery, Adelaide.
1990 Taught painting and drawing to students with disabilities at Western Community Access Centre.
1989 Exhibition, Trafalgar House, Port Elliot.
1989 Solo exhibition - 'What do you do with the space you make?', Site 55 Gallery Adelaide.
1988 Self Employed Lawnmowing and Gardening business.
1987 Solo exhibition - 'Things you don't Know', Artzone Gallery, Adelaide.
1985 Exhibition, Dearman gallery, Adelaide.
1984 Attended Adelaide Central School of Art, Adelaide, South Australia.
1983 Exhibition, Nuriootpa, SA.
1982 SA Finalist, National Art Award.
1982-84 Taught by private teacher, Alexander Brun; Barossa valley.
1966 Born Angaston, South Australia.


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