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Born: 1958 Morcombe, UK
  • Contemporary
  • Mixed Media
  • Established

Richard Grayson CV

Born 9/6/58 Morcombe. U.K. Permanent resident of Australia since 1987


1976 -77 East Herts College of Art and Design
1977-80 Newcastle-upon Tyne Polytechnic
B.A. Hons Fine Art, Special distinction in Art History

Selected Solo Exhibitions from 1990:

1999 Untitled Greenaway Gallery Adelaide
1000 accidents/Ahistoryofreading I.M.A. Brisbane
Ahistoryofreading Artspace Sydney
1998 A Famous Struggle/
VariousThings Explained Contemporary Art Centre Adelaide
Alternative Histories Greenaway Gallery Adelaide
1996 Triumph (with Steve Wigg) Art Museum University of South Australia. Adelaide
1995 Received Greenaway Gallery Adelaide
Letter/Message/Fact Performance Space Sydney
1994 Title Public Art Project, Adelaide Mine Public Art Project, Adelaide

1993 Attempted Histories Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide

1992 Belshazzar Post-West, Adelaide
Black and White
(with Alan Cruickshank) BullRing Gallery, Adelaide

Selected Group Exhibitions from 1990:

1999 Drummer Jokes Livid Festival Brismane
Closer to the speed of light MAAP. Brisbane
Confined Here Gallery, New York
1998 ArtRage works for television ABC Television
Whispers Lies and Text CAST Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide Festival Centre
Underbelly Hindley St Adelaide.
Beauty 2000 IMA Brisbane
1997 Thin Skin Performance Space Sydney
Visy Board Art Prize Tanunda, South Australia
Wardrobe Mad Love Adelaide, Performance Space Sydney, IMA Brisbane, PICA Perth 1996 Obiter Dictum (Public Arts Projects) Rundle Mall Adelaide
Greenaway Art Gallery Melbourne Art Fair 5.
White Hysteria (waiting room) Cleveland, Lotta Hammer Gallery London White Hysteria Contemporary Art Centre Adelaide, Stripp Melbourne
1995 Invisible City Charlicks Building, Adelaide
Video-Expedition in
the Performance World ArtPool Budapest, Hungary
_Frank Thing Sym Choon Gallery, Adelaide
1994 25 Years Of Performance
Art in Australia Ivan Docherty Gallery, Sydney, Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art,
ACCA Melbourne
Greenaway Art Gallery Melbourne Art Fair
Flat Union Gallery, Adelaide
Jemmy Ebenezer Studios, Adelaide
1993 Presumed Innocent: Disasters Union Gallery, Adelaide
Presumed Innocent: Hit and Run Re Gallery, Adelaide Critical City Adelaide
1992 Walls One Union Gallery, Adelaide Presumed Innocent:
Scene of the Crime Post West, Adelaide
Text show Post West, Adelaide
Critical City Adelaide
Contemporary Capita Building Adelaide Curious Yellow Delarosa Gallery, Adelaide
1991 Possessed Bullring Gallery, Adelaide
1990 Postiche Club Foote, Adelaide Opus Wrecks Art Zone, Adelaide Body Use and Value Club Foote, Adelaide


1999 Ahistoryofreading 15mins
1998 Various Things Explained 20mins
1998 End Of the World 2mins
1985 Git-Down 22 mins
1982 Three real things 5 mins
1980 Three thousand famous men 12 mins


Griffith University,. Art Gallery Of South Australia. Polaroid U.S.A., Centero Lavore Milan, Projectos, Lisbon. Inframental Budapest. London Video Arts, The British Council, Projects U.K. Various private collections.


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