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AKA: Bob Boynes

Born: 1942 Adelaide, SA.
  • Contemporary
  • Digital
  • Figurative
  • Mixed Media
  • Painter
  • Print Maker
  • Realist
  • Known
  • Established
Robert Boynes
Robert Boynes

2006-10 Adjunct Ass Prof, ANU School of Art.
2002 Residency, Chur, Switzerland.
1998 Residency, Artspace, Sydney.
1978-06 Snr Lecturer/Head¬¬ of Painting, ANU, CSA.
1974-75 Studied Film, Flinders Uni, Adelaide.
1973-77 Lecturer, Murray Park CAE, Adelaide.
1972 Lecturer, SA School of Art, Adelaide.
1970-71 Lecturer, Wattle Park Teachers' College, Adel.
1968-69 Lecturer, Maidstone College of Art, Kent & Basingstoke
Tech College, United Kingdom.
1964-67 Lecturer, Wattle Park Teachers' College & SA School of Art, Adelaide.
1962-64 Printmaking, SA School of Art.
1959-61 SA School of Art, Adelaide.
1942 Born Adelaide, SA.

2010 Short Stories, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
Postscript, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melb.
2009 CCTV, The Depot Gallery, Sydney.
2008 Afterimage, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2007 Street Stories, Beaver Galleries, Canberra.
2006 Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne.
In Real Time, Survey, Manly Art Gallery
& Museum, Sydney.
Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2005 True Fictions, 10 year Survey, Canberra Museum & Gallery.
Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2004 Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2003 Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
William Mora Galleries, Melbourne.
2002 Beaver Galleries, Canberra.
2001 William Mora Galleries, Melbourne.
2000 Austral Gallery, St. Louis, USA.
Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1999 Ten year survey - works in the 1999 Austral Gallery, St Louis USA.
Beaver Galleries, Canberra.
1998 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide.
Beaver Galleries, Canberra.
1996 Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.
1995 Paintings 1979-1995, William Mora, Melb.
Urban Simulations, University of Melbourne
Museum of Art, Ian Potter Gallery.
3 Decades -Survey, Nolan Gallery,
Canberra; New England.
Art Museum, Armidale; Newcastle
Regional Art Gallery.
1994 Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide.
1993 Ben Grady Gallery, Canberra.
Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
1992 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
1990 Ben Grady Gallery, Canberra.
1990 Selected Works 1979-90, CCAS.
Macquarie Galleries, ACAF•2, VIC.
Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
Austral Gallery, St Louis, USA.
1989 Robert Steele Gallery, Adelaide.
Austral Gallery, St Louis, USA.
1988 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
Niagara Gallery, Melbourne.
1987 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
Michael Milburn Galleries, Bris.
1986 Bonython-Meadmore Gallery, SA.
1985 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
Michael Milburn Galleries, Bris.
1984 Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne.
1983 Gallery A, Sydney.
1982 Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne.
1981/6 Solander Gallery, Canberra.
Gallery A, Sydney.
1980 Bonython Art Gallery, Adelaide.
Phillip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane.
1979 Gallery A, Sydney.
Survey 7, NGV.
1972/8/9 Realities, Melbourne.
1970 Bonython Art Gallery, Adelaide.
1970 Bonython Art Gallery, Sydney.
1968 Arts Council, Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford, UK.
1967 Australian Galleries, Melbourne.
1966 Bonython Art Gallery, Adelaide.
1964 Clune Galleries, Sydney.

2010 Embodiment, University of South Australia, Adelaide.
2010 Retroactive, Canberra Contemporary Artspace, Canberra.
2009 Cache, Blackfriars Off Broadway, Viscopy, Sydney.
2008 Still Life, Bren¬¬¬da May Gallery Syd.
Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
2007 Arthur Guy Memorial Art Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo.
I’m As Mad As Hell..., Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
Birthday Show, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2006 Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
2005 Arthur Guy Memorial Art Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo.
Interesting Times, MCA, Sydney.
Retroactive, CCAS, Manuka.
Brenda May Twenty Years, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2004 Ian Chandler & His Contemporaries, Riddoch Art Gallery, Mt. Gambier, SA.
The Frank Saxby Bequest Invitation Art
Acquisitions Prize, Manning Regional Art
Gallery, Taree.
Place Face Down to Copy, ANU Art Gallery,
in assoc with the Aust, Print Symposium,
Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition
Building, Melbourne.
2003 Permanent Visions, Canberra Museum & Gallery.
2002 Tales of the Unexpected, D. Hart, curator, NGA.
Field Works, NGV.
Clemenger Art Prize, Invitational, NGV.
2000 Project 2/2000, Sir Hermann Black Gallery.
Metropolis, Museum of Sydney.
1998 Collected Wisdom: Works from the collection of the ANU & the University of Canberra, Canberra Museum & Art Gallery.
What John Berger Saw, ANU CSA Gallery, National touring.
New Acquisitions, Sir Hermann Black Gallery, University of Sydney Union.
1992 Critics' Choice, Macquarie Galleries, Syd.
Contemporary Australian Drawing, AGNSW.
1997 AAAR! Australian Artists Against Racism, Canberra.
Lawyers, Guns & Money, AGSA.
Canberra Contemporary Art Fair, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra, ACT.
1996 City Remix, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney.
1995 Works from the ANU Art Collection, Drill Hall Gallery, Cbr.
Capital Works, Contemporary Art from the Australian National Capital, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra; Takashimaya Gallery, Singapore; University Museum and Art Gallery, Museum of Hong Kong.
1994 Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition, Solander Gallery, Canberra. ACT.
Playing with Fire, CSA Staff Exhibition, CSA Gallery.
1993/7 Chicago Int Art Fair, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1991 The Doors Show, Gold Coast City Art Gallery.
1990 Festival of Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
Staff Exhibition, CSA Gallery, ACT.
Visual Instincts, A. McIntyre, curator,
Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney.
Canbrart, Drill Hall Gallery, NGA.
1989 Australian Prints Pre-Settlement to Present, Australian Gallery.
Chicago Int Art Fair, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1988 Houston Art Fair, Texas, USA.
1987 Field to Figuration, NGV.
Painters' Vision, Macquarie Galleries, Syd.
1986 Expatriates & Exiles, Adelaide Festival Centre. Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
1986 Michael Milburn Gallery, Brisbane.
Oz Drawing Now, Syd Biennale.
1985 Staff Exhibition, CSA Gallery, Cbr.
1984 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney.
1983 Australian Perspecta-1983, AGNSW.
Recent Australian Painting, A Survey 1970-1983, AGSA.
Mattara Invitational, Newcastle Region Art Gallery, NSW.
1982 Structures, Survey, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery.
Urban Images, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Syd.
1981 Survey 81, Powell St Gallery, Melbourne.
Spectres of our Time, AGSA.
1981 Gold Coast Art Purchase, Gold Coast City Gallery, Qld.
1980 Summer Exhibition Gallery A, Syd.
Aboriginal Treaty Committee, National
Trust Gallery, Sydney.
1978 Australian Realist Painters, AGSA.
1977 Treasures from SA, AGSA.
Some Recent Art from Adelaide, Project
18, AGNSW.
1974 Painting Survey, Realities, Melb.
1973 Drawing Survey, Realities, Melb.
Recent Australian Art, AGNSW.
1972 Australian Paintings and Tapestries of the Last Twenty Years, NSW House, London.
1971/2 Georges Invitation Art Prize, Melb
1967 Harold Mertz Collection of Australian Painting, USA.
1966 Hungry Horse Art Gallery, Syd.
Daily Mirror Invitation Prize, Syd.
Perth Festival Invitation Exh, WA.
1963 Bonython Art Gallery, Adelaide.

2007 ARIA Artist Award, Gold Coast Queensland
2006 Canberra Times Artist of the Year Award
2001/2 RAAF Memorial, Anzac Parade, Canberra
2001 Italo-Australia Club Canberra Art Prize, ACT.
2000 Federal Court, Canberra.
Legislative Assembly, Canberra
1999 Foyer, W Hotel, Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney.
1996 7 metre painting installation, ACT.
1993/6 Project Grant, ACT Cultural Council.
1983 Mattara Inv. Purchase Prize, Newcastle Region Art Gallery.
1981 Purchase Award, Gold Coast Art Prize.
1976/7 Mural, Adelaide Festival Centre.
1975 Alice Springs Art Award.
1973 Project Grant, VAB, Australia Council.
1971 Barossa Festival Art Prize.
1964 Ether Barringer Memorial Prize for Etching

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