Australian Art


Born: 1940
  • Mixed Media
  • Painter
  • Realist
  • Traditional
  • Water Colour
  • Established


I have always loved wildlife and watercolours, so I suppose it was inevitable that after I started watercolour classes in 1987, it would eventually lead to me doing paintings which included some form of wildlife.
Most of my work is of Australian fauna, but several recent trips to the USA and Canada have opened up a whole new range of subjects for me to paint.
I have travelled to the USA on a regular basis to attend art shows and partake in wildlife art workshops featuring many of the great wildlife artists from around the world including Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders.
Images of my work have appeared in the 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Victorian RSPCA Calendars.
For two consecutive years (2005/2006) my work has been selected in the prestigious Arts for the Parks exhibition in Wyoming.

Prizes and Awards

1990 1st Prize - Best watercolour ($300 or less)- Ivanhoe Art Show.
1991 1st Prize - Best watercolour- Keilor Art Show.
1991 Commendation - Strathmore Art Show.
1992 Best Wildlife Exhibit - Camberwell Art Show.
1993 1st Prize - Best watercolour- Woodend Art Show.
1996 Best Wildlife Exhibit - Camberwell Art Show.
1997 Best watercolour - Strathmore Art Show
1998 Highly Commended - Wildlife Art Show of Australasia
1999 Best Painting -“Walk on the Wildside” exhibition, Akoonah Park Gallery
2001 Best Painting (less than $1000) - Wildlife Art Show of Australasia
2003 Highly Commended - Yea Art Show
2003 Best Wildlife Exhibit - Camberwell Art Show.
2004 Highly Commended - Wildlife Art Show of Australasia
2005 1st Prize – Australia at Large art competition at Australian Guild of Realist Artists.

Roger got 4 pieces selected in the Arts for the Parks show in
Wyoming, which is a juried competition. They have a top 100 and a Mini
100, the only difference being size. He entered 3 into the Mini and one
into the Top 100 and they were all accepted. Out of that, he sold three
of the four works, including the one in the Top 100.


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