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Died: 1975
  • Ceramics
  • Drawings
  • Figurative
  • Painter
  • Portrait
  • Sculptor
  • Known

Duldig, Slawa (neé Horowitz), Australian painter, sculptor, teacher. c. 28.11.02 Horocko, Poland, 16.08.1975 Melbourne. Married to Karl Duldig. 1918-1921 studied painting at the College of Painting for Women and Girls, Vienna. 1921-1925 private student of sculptor Anton Hanak where she met Karl Duldig. 1925-1929 student of Professor Hans Bitterlich, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna. 1929 invented and patented the foldable umbrella and held patent till 1939 receiving royalties from manufacture. 1929-38 worked as freelance artist in Vienna. 1939-40 worked as artist, teacher, and restorer in Singapore. 1940 to Australia. 1945-60 collaborated with Karl Duldig in studio pottery business. 1945-46 taught Korowa CEGGS; 1946-47 taught Ruyton Girls School; 1947-63 taught St. Catherine’s School, Melbourne. 1943-75 completed private portrait commissions. 1963-75 worked as artist and taught privately. 1977 restrospective exhibition of drawings, sculptures and paintings, McClelland Gallery and also at St. Catherine’s School. 1977 ‘Slawa Duldig’ art prize inaugurated at St Catherine’s. 1988 exhibition, The Duldig Ceramics. 1990 The Viennese Sculptures of Karl Duldig. 1992 exhibition ‘Mrs Duldig’s Girls’, St. Catherine’s School, also in 2002.

WORKS: McClelland Region AG.

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