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Untitled (with points)
Untitled (with points)

AKA: Sam Grigorian

Born: 1957 Yerevan, Armenia
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Mixed Media
  • Established

Represented in Australia by Uber Gallery

"...harmonious and exciting,
very serious and easy,
black and earthy,
reduced and unmistakable,
sensitive and timeless,
about inside and outside..." - Sam Grigorian -
Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Grigorian demonstrated an independent and uncompromising attitude as a schoolboy, demolishing and painting the furniture in his classroom. By the 1980s this independent streak led the artist to join "Third Floor", a group of arists that challenged the cultural restrictions imposed on Armenian artists at the time.

In 1992 Grigorian moved to Berlin. Since his move, his work has been represented in numerous exhibitions, most recently at Rijk Gallery in The Hague, Gallery Hohengasse in Switzerland, Gallery sphn in Berlin and Uber Gallery, Melbourne.


1977 Bachelor of Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia


2004 Galerie Mazzera Basel, Switzerland
2004 “Ananun” Über Gallery Melbourne, Australia
2004 Galerie Hohengasse 5 Burgdorf, Switzerland
2002 Galerie sphn Berlin, Germany
2001 Galerie sphn Berlin, Germany
1997 Gallery Art Mobil Bonn, Germany
1997 Humbolt University Berlin, Germany
1995 Galerie Altes Rathaus Potsdam, Germany
1993 House of Germany Berlin, Germany
1993 Kulturebrauerel Berlin, Germany
1983 House of Students Yerevan, Armenia


2003 Galerie Hohengasse 5 Burgdorf, Switzerland
2002 Bunker at Alexanderplatz Berlin, Germany
2002 Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, Germany
2002 Gallery De Rijk The Hague, Netherlands
2000 Deicheturnhalle Hamburg, Germany
2000 Gallery De Rijk The Hague, Netherlands
2000 Anniversary Radio Orchestra Berlin, Germany
1999 Galerie Hüsstege Hertogenbosch,Netherlands
1995 Galerie Georg Hothelfer Berlin, Germany
1995 Galerie Lochter Hamburg, Germany
1991 House of Architecture Moscow, Russia
1988 Museum of Modern Art Yerevan, Armenia
1987 Third Floor, House of Artists Yerevan, Armenia


2003 Art Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany
2002 Artanfall Art Auction Berlin, Germany
2002 Stockholm Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Art Rai Amsterdam, Netherlands
2001 Stockholm Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden
2000 Art Rai Amsterdam, Netherlands
1995 Art Cologne Cologne, Germany


Represented in public collections in New Orleans Museum of Art, Armenia, Australia, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and USA


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