Australian Art


AKA: Terry Madgwick

Born: 1971 Sydney NSW Australia
  • Drawings
  • Landscape
  • Painter
  • Realist
  • Traditional

I am a self-taught artist that creates both charcoal drawings and oil paintings.

My work focuses on realistic concepts and provides the feeling of being technically correct in regards to the movement and form of the subject and the environment that surrounds.

Much of my work includes animals, wildlife, and landscapes and on occasions machines and man made structures.

I like to use bold colour contrasts, the effects of light and reflection, as well as the use of shadows and highlights.

Often my pieces will utilize photographic techniques, such as foreshortening to enhance the foreground subject. My paintings may also include textured foreground images.

I consider myself a purest; as I do not mix mediums and do not sketch or trace. To maintain life and ensure a true representation of my work.

What I create is a direct result of general knowledge gained from life experiences.

Most importantly, I do not print or reproduce my pieces; This preserves the integrity of my work and provides the owner with the knowledge that they not only have an original, but also own a one of a kind.


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