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Tina Vlassopoulos
Tina Vlassopoulos

AKA: Tina Vlassopoulos
  • Ceramics
  • Established

Lives and works in London, UK
Represented in Australia by Uber Gallery


1977 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Ceramics, Bristol Polytechnic


2004 Hart Gallery London, UK
2002 Hart Gallery London, UK
2001 Contemporary Ceramics London, UK
1999 Artmonsky Arts London, UK
1998 Pyramid Gallery York, UK
1996 Galerie L Hamburg, Germany
1995 Gallery K London, UK
1991 Contemporary Ceramics London, UK
1984 Aspects Gallery London, UK
1983 Paul Longmire London, UK
1983 Bohun Gallery Henley-on-Thames, UK
1980 British Council Athens, Greece


2004 “Collect” Contemporary Ceramics London, UK
2003 New Ashgate Gallery Surry, UK
2003 Lemon Street Gallery Cornwall, UK
2002 Gallery Ingrith Desmet Belgium
2000 Graham Gallery New York, USA
2000 Oxford Gallery Oxford, UK
1999 3rd International Biennial Brussels, Belgium
of Ceramic Art
1999 Lemon Street Gallery Cornwall, UK
1999 Contemporary Ceramics London, UK
1998 Munich Art Fair Germany
1998 Quay Arts Centre Isle of Wright, UK
1998 New Ashgate Gallery Surry, UK
1998 Loes & Reinier Deventer, Netherlands
1997 Contemporary Ceramics London, UK
1997 New Ashgate Gallery Surry, UK
1993 Galerie Lot Duynstee Maastricht, Netherlands
1993 Royal Exchange Manchester, UK
1993 Bank of Cyprus Award, K Gallery London, UK
1993 Gallery Desko Kortemark, Belgium
1992 Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool, UK
1987 Lesley Craze Gallery London, UK
1987 CPA New Members Show London, UK
1987 Biennale du Bijou Paris, France
1987 Le Sorbier Paris, France
1987 Kunsthandwerk Berlin, Germany
1986 OB’ART Paris, France
1986 Craft Potters Association London, UK
1985 Aspects Gallery London, UK
1982 Innate Harmony London, UK
1982 Camden Arts Centre London, UK
1981 Sloane Street Gallery London, UK
1981 Bohun Gallery Henley-on-Thames, UK
1980 Sloane Street Gallery London, UK
1980 Bohun Gallery Henley-on-Thames, UK
1979 Commonwealth Institute London, UK


2002 Soing Award Croatia
1992 Hellenic Foundation Arts Award
1990 Texas Instruments Arts Award


2002 Selected Member of the Crafts Council
1986 Selected Member of the Craft Potters Association


2004 Naked Clay by Jane Perryman (A & C Black)
2004 Ceramic Review (Issue 205, Jan/Feb)
2000 Kerameiki Techni (Issue 35, August)
2000 Ceramics Monthly (September)
1999 Neue Keramik (Mar/April)
1998 Ceramic Form by Peter Lane (A & C Black)
1998 The Potter’s Dictionary of Shape & Form by Neal French (A & C Black)
1995 Kerameiki Techni (Issue 18-19, April)
1992 Kerameiki Techni (Jan/Feb)
1992 Sculptural Ceramics by Ian Gregory (A & C Black)
1991 Ceramic Review (Issue 128, Mar/April)
1987 Ceramique et du Verre (Issue 36, Sept/Oct)


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