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AKA: Waleed R Qaisi

Born: 1963 Baghdad / Iraq

Died: ----
  • Ceramics
  • Mixed Media
  • Painter
  • Known
  • Established
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Name : Waleed R.Qaisi
Born in: Baghdad 1963
Education: Graduate Of Baghdad 1985
Solo Exhibitions:
2004 -Kufa Gallery, Ceramics and Paintings- London
2001-Sheik Hasan Al-Thani – Gallery – Qatar
1999-Dar Al-Anda Gallery – Jordan
1996-Royal Culture Center – Jordan
1996 – 1994-Workshop and exhibition at Jarash Festival for
Culture music and arts- Jordan
Group Exhibitions
2006- 1st Bienal International De Ceramica De Marratxi BICMA- Spain
2006- elit-tile International Museum Of Ccontemporary Ceramics- Saint Dominican
2006- Omma gallery for contemporary art. CA-USA
2005- Triennial Exhibition of Flower Vases-Croatia
2005-Lilliput Ceramics, world exhibition of small and miniature ceramics-Croatia
2006--24th Gold Coast international ceramic Award-Australia
2005-Challenge the nail exhibition, Salon des arts, Painting-London
2005-Art festival, Omma gallery, Painting. Istanbul-Turkey
2004-Ceramics exhibition - North Carolina-U S A
2004-Workshop and lecture at Assela Festival- Marroc
2004- 23rd Gold Coast international ceramic art Award-Australia
2004--1 st International Ceramic Journal Editors Symposium-China
2004-The 3rd International Ceramic Biennale-Belgium
2004-The 9th Biennale de la Ceramique-Belgium
2004-The 3rd Contemporary of Ceramic art- Greece
2004-The ceramics competition of Une Euvre De Faience-France
2003-Museu Del Cantir D’Argentona , Barcelona -Spain
2003-International charitable exhibition of art ceramic-Croatia
2002--“ First Exhibition of Flower Vases”-Croatia
2002-Biennale the 6th for ceramics-Egypt
2001-Contemporary Arabic Art.-Qatar
2000-Biennale the 5th for ceramics- Egypt
1999-Small Pieces exhibition.,Orfaly Gallery-Jordan
1998-Biennale the 4th for ceramics-Egypt
1997- A group of Arab Artists exhibition Orfally gallery- Jordan
1996- International Gent Festival- Belgium
1993- Modern Iraq Sculpture exhibition-Iraq
1992-Group of three Artists exhibition- Iraq
1991-Modern Iraqi Art exhibition- Jordan
1989 -Modern Iraqi Art exhibition- Cypress
1988-Baghdad International Festival for Arts 1st -Iraq
1986-Baghdad International Festival for Arts 2nd -Iraq
Workshops and residency
2004-The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park- Japan
2003- Museum of International Ceramic Art,Guldagergaard-Denmark
Prizes & Certificates
2004 -Artist in Residency Certificate.-Japan
2003-Artist in Residency Certificate-Denmark
1993- Ministry of Culture and Information Pottery Prize-Iraq
1992-Modern art Prize-Iraq
1987-Wasitty Festival – Second prize-Iraq
1987-Art day exhibition-Iraq
Modern Art Center-Iraq
Modern Art National Museum- Jordan
Al Sharja Museum-Sharja
National Museum-Egypt
Modern Arabic Art Museum-Qatar
Keramika Sisak Gallery , Zagreb-Croatia
Guldagergaar International Museum – Denmar
Museum Del Cantir ,Argentona Bercelona-Spain
Shigaraki museum, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.-Japan
Fule International Ceramic Art Museums- China
Kufa Gallery-London


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