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Blue Jean Blues
Blue Jean Blues

AKA: Warren Stone

Born: 1946 Ipswich, Queensland
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Digital
  • Landscape
  • Photographer
  • Portrait
  • Print Maker
  • Still Life
Blaze of Red
Blaze of Red

Warren Stone has been a photographer for more than 40 years, first practicing his craft on a kodak instamatic camera at the age of 19 years. He later acquired an Olympus OM1 35mm camera and added an Olympus OM10 three years later. It was through these units that he began to understand the true art of photography. He now uses Canon EOS cameras and, as a member of the Australian Photographic Society and Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, he travels widely to capture his images of Australia and other regions of the world.

He regards himself as a photographic artist, rather than just a photographer. The subject of his chosen shoot must first have met his criteria of natural beauty combined with the elements of soft light and, if possible, reflections. It must also feature natural physical elements that will transport the viewer’s eye into and through the image. He chooses his subjects very carefully, capturing the image in his mind and his heart before pressing the camera shutter. It is the image in his mind that will determine the final artistic result. Many of his images are the product of eight individual shots stitched together to form a single landscape.

He has won many awards and his artistic approach to his craft means he has produced a wide-ranging body of photographic art. Today, he specializes in Australian landscapes, but also offers some quite unique pieces through his black and white, limited edition and interior design interpretations. He also shows us that fun cannot be excluded through his range of 'quirky' pieces which can be viewed on his web site . His travels have taken him from Broome and Perth to Tasmania, the Red Centre, Sydney, North Queensland, South-East Queensland and Singapore, capturing some of the most beautiful scenery of its type to be found in the world.

It is also his work in Adobe Photoshop that distinguishes his work from that of other artists. Fine photographic art is, by definition, a quality interpretation of an image as seen through the eyes of the artist. Warren has sought the advice of other photographers, interior design specialists, gallery owners and current clients in presenting a range of images that he hopes will be well received by art lovers everywhere.

He has just completed an exhibition at the Ipswich Art Gallery which ran for two months from January to March, 2009. He has previously participated in many exhibitions and photographic competitions and has recently been successful in achieving Image of the Month for Australian Photography Magazine in January, 2009.

He sees his future in the capture of images in a ‘series’ format and is looking forward to presenting his works for exhibition in specialist galleries. He is a member of bodies associated with photography including the Australian Photographic Society and the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.
Fraser Island Reflections
Fraser Island Reflections

Exhibitor Just Nudes 2007
Exhibitor Ipswich Art Awards 2007
Exhibitor Ipswich Art Awards 2008
Runner-up Environplan Photographic Comp 2008
Exhibition Home Grown Exhibition 2008
Exhibition Ipswich Art Gallery 2009
Winner Image of the Month - Australian Photo Mag Jan 09
Member Australian Photographic Society
Member Australian Institute of Professional Photographers
Member National Association of Photoshop Professionals
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