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Born: 1961 Melbourne
  • Photographer
  • Established

Wendy McDougall

Wendy McDougall is a freelance photographer with 25 years experience, based in Sydney Australia. She combines her time shooting theatre, art, and documentary photographs, portrait commissions, books and producing her own projects.

Example clients and artists include;, Bell Shakespeare Company, STC, Opera Australia, Bangarra Dance Company, Griffin Theatre, SBS, ABC, Triple J, Australian Technology Park, NSW Centenary of Federation Committee, Historic Houses Trust, City of Sydney, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, ACTT [acting school], Artlink, INXS, Diesel, Paul Kelly, Russell Crowe, Barry Otto, Tom Jones, Bob Geldof, Ben Elton, Smokey Dawson.

Documentary In 2005 Wendy photographed ‘Classical Destinations’, an armchair guide to Classical music, in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. A 224 page coffee table book was released in March 2006 to accompany the TV series of the same name screening on SBS. With the same client Wendy provided photographs for a book called ‘Hymns of the Forefathers’, a history of the composers of hymns, shot in the UK, which also accompanied a TV series. A second book on this series is scheduled for production in 2007.

Wendy has recently completed documenting Cremorne Point as a b/w series. The images were provided in a book of hand printed images as a private commission.

In 2001 Wendy had the honour of being one of two official photographers documenting the Centenary of Federation events in Sydney and NSW. The NSW Centenary of Federation Committee commissioned Wendy to curate an exhibition and book of her work on the NSW Federation Towns as a legacy of historic events. The exhibition was held in Parliament House in Sydney in 2002.

Exhibitions and books Wendy has shown her work in 12 solo and 43 group exhibitions since 1984. 10 books have been produced since 1991, including ‘Still Noise’ published by ABC Books. Her photographs have been shown in, amongst other galleries, the National Portrait Gallery, Museum of Sydney and Stills Gallery. Wendy’s images have twice been accepted in the City of Sydney exhibitions ‘Art & About’ shown in Sydney’s Hyde Park. An award was given for her photograph titled ‘Reg Mombassa’, judged by Joseph Lebovic, in 2004.

Current projects include; a b/w pictorial book on Centennial Park; an ongoing black & white series documenting Sydney CBD and suburbs; an body of work called ‘An Unread World’ inspired by her work for a series of education books on literacy with publishers Indij Readers; ‘time for a moment’ a new book of personal work; ‘young chefs’, a series of cook books for kids; ‘See For Yourself’, a secondary school text book for drama and English classes to encourage imaginative writing.

Wendy is also an original member of Pork Chop Productions, a company set up by actor Jeremy Sims to produce theatre, film and other art events. She creates their still images, has produced plays & films, and has curated an exhibition and festival with them, all since their birth in 1995.

Photographs by Wendy McDougall are held in the collections of
National Library of Australia
NSW State Library, Museum of Sydney and the Powerhouse Museum.


2006 ‘Head On’ group
Australian Photographers Gallery - Balmain
2005 ‘kaleidofotos – organic matters’ solo
preview show – Rosebery Sydney
2004 `33rd Alice Prize’ group
Araluen Centre, Alice Springs
2004 `Josephine Ulrick Photography Prize’ group
Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah
won - ‘highly commended’ prize
2004 `Art & About’ group
Hyde Park, Sydney
2004 `kaleidofotos - architectural dreaming’ solo
Australian Technology Park, Sydney
2003 `Art & About’ group
Hyde Park, Sydney
2003 `Imperfect Reflections’ group
Barcom Ave street wall - Sydney
2003 `Window Peeking’ double
RP art - Sydney
2002 `Season Greetings from Post Master Gallery’ group
Post Master Gallery - Melbourne
2002 `celebration’-Federation Towns NSW solo
NSW Parliament House - Sydney
2001 `Spinning Around’ -Festival Records group
Powerhouse Museum - Sydney
2001 `Private Lives - families of NSW’ group
NSW State Library - Sydney
2001 `Corowa 2001 - Federation’ solo
Corowa Museum - Corowa, NSW
2001 `So you wanna be a rock star’ group
National Portrait Gallery - Canberra
2001 `Spirit of Sydney’ - Olympics 2000 solo
Museum of Sydney - Sydney
2001 `Article’ group
Wooloomooloo - Sydney
2001 `Harmonic Visions’ group
Tamworth City Gallery - Tamworth
2001 `Portrait of a Park’ group
Museum of Sydney - Sydney
Centennial Park - Sydney
2000 `Location’ solo
Launch Pad - Sydney
1999 `SKIN’ by WOW [also co-director] group
Stills Gallery - Sydney
1998 `Trance Endings’ group
Lewis Morley Gallery - Sydney
1998 ‘Mushroom Records 25th Anniversary’ group
L’otel - Sydney
1998 `WOW’ [women on women] [also co-director] group
Stills Gallery - Sydney
WIFT -film festival - Chauvel - Sydney
1997 `Pigs On The Wall’ [also curator] group
Level Gallery - Sydney
FAD Gallery - Melbourne
1997 `Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead’ [also curator] solo
Parramatta Riverside Theatre - Sydney
Glen St Theatre - Sydney
Comedy Theatre - Melbourne
1997 `Diptych’ group
Level Gallery - Sydney
1997 `Trytych’ group
Level Gallery - Sydney
1996 `S’urrealthing’ group
235 Nelson Gallery - Sydney
1996 `Death & the Maiden’ solo
Jackman Gallery - Melbourne
1996 `WOW’ [women on women] [also co-curator] group
FAD Gallery - Melbourne
1996 `Elvis - A Real Man’ group
Toast II - Sydney
1996 `Stow & The Dragon’ & ‘The Players’ solo
Stables Theatre - Sydney
1996 `Erotique’ group
FAD Gallery - Melbourne
1996 `Bondi Photo Access’ group
Bondi - Sydney
1996 `ACMP & Fuji - Collection’ group
Sydney Opera House
then travelled interstate group
Toast ll Gallery - Sydney
1996 `Fare Ration’ group
Hester Gallery - Sydney
1996 `Subculture’ group
Arthouse - Sydney
then toured nationally and to New Zealand
1996 `Dockside’ & ‘Below Deck’ group
Joy Gallery - Sydney
1995 `...and then there was man’ solo
Toast Gallery - Sydney
1995 `Australian Tibet Council’ group
Photographic exhibition and auction
Toast Gallery - Sydney
1995 `Get Toasted’ group
Toast Gallery - Sydney
AD Gallery - Sydney
1995 `Nine By Sight’ group
Hester Gallery - Sydney
1994 `Real Wild Child’ group
Powerhouse Museum - Sydney
1994 `POP UP’ group
Toast Gallery - Sydney
1993 `POD Christmas Appliance Show’ group
POD Theatre Gallery - Sydney
1993 `Love & Instinct...the Girls’ solo
POD Theatre Gallery - Sydney
1993 `Paris’ solo
Dalis Dining Gallery - Canberra

1993 `POD 2nd Birthday Show’ group
POD Theatre Gallery - Sydney
1992 `untitled’ group
Wesley College - University Sydney
1991 `Still Noise’ group
HMV Store - Sydney
AusMusic Building - Melbourne
Burps Dining Gallery - Canberra
Wollongong Town Hall
Australian Embassy - Paris
‘FNAC Stores - Paris
1991 `Mime Women & Song’ solo
Burps Dining Gallery - Canberra
1990 `Here & There’ double
Burps Dining Gallery - Canberra
1988 `Diamond Awards’ group
Brussels, then travelled Europe
1984 `Five New Photographers’ group
Images - Glebe Sydney


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