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AKA: dutchartistjelke D.A.J

Born: 20-0 Eindhoven the Netherlands
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Dutch Artist Jelke  
Is not only a great artist, but also a person with exceptional paranormal gifts ,a brilliant thinker, a philosopher with the brush JELKE meditative journeys lead him into the Depth of Reality. He is meditating about God, live, death , souls, energy, the world this universe other dimensions and materializes his thoughts within each of his excellent unique paintings, which are reflections about the outer space movements and the intangible inner realms of life and existence. This visual impulse bring forth his paintings seem to be drawn from that infinite Singularity we call 'Existence', from the 'Eternal places, Home', Jelke be able to project his thoughts into space and out site This universe . He told us my designs its like music composition coming from not material places where everything and anything become visual reality and will change in that direction in form - shape of your thoughts, that death certainly not be the end of our existence, Death be an metamorphosis for all human because we are an total other creature than we be on earth in flesch and blood or body it be only an temporary mortal covering we will leave for a new departure awakening of your exsitence in harmony connection with the others this time in a places of eternity , we are not the only living creature and i don,t mean the trees animals insects or flowers on earht but the whole universe is a live and developed an creat unceasing include educated live in every tinny cell and on places where live be possible this be the only purpose of the universes or better i say dimensions they explode to become born and develop to explode a circle in many circles in endless eternal places, Do I believe in God yes He is the spring of it all in fact He be it all !. He is the energy string of every living creature if He cut this string you are death, some people think it is all an mechanical evolution Oke let them think that way but i know bettter and their time will come to find out ,consider which enormous power there is to creat everything that stay magnetic turning together in a endless place only with your "thoughts" started maybe billions years ago What are we with all our greeds and needs in comparison . Something happen in my live and change it complete also my art style. Jelke created a brand new miraculous strange art style and call it Spacing Art , the biggest share of the money that be sell by auction from his paintings will be donated to them that are in really desperate need on this earth .
Jelke is a fierce opponent against War ,Terror and any Discrimination .
Dutch Artist Jelke
his famous paintings are
Energy out Darkness
Heavenly cotyledon

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Jelke van Beekveld (born 1945,town Eindhoven the Netherlands ) also known as DutchArtistJelke.

A natural talent, as a boy of 6 he drew so perfect,also perspective, that his teacher asked him to show his fellow students and other teachers.

(certificate master carpenter-furniture maker)
- Evening; buildings contractor/profession training school; interior stylist architect(town Hertogenbosch)
- Evening; Agricultural training school;
- certificate horse breeder (town Oss),
-Academy The KrabbeDance (town Eindhoven)
(this academy became later ac. for industrial design and later Design Academy ,
- further
- Koningklijke Academy of Arts (Antwerp-Belgium ),study old painter craft techniques and different art styles.

Although due to circumstances his art painting to hobby was demoted is Jelke versatile in different craft area and built several private companies.

Eventually in later life was the urge to paint no longer more to tame and became jelke a professional art painter.

Meanwhile he has a new unique art style created with the name Spacingart' spiritual art from mind and space a explosion of colours and shapes

It is virtually every art style found.

Because life is so very different manner than you can imagine in advance Jelke has his studio and website

named "Artist Strange Work the Netherlands'
Through the following link you can see more of Jelke work .

Artist Strange Work Art & Expo Design Studio the Netherlands



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