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swollen honey ants
swollen honey ants

AKA: lawry love

Born: 12-1 europe
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Digital
  • Mixed Media
  • Established
mimi lights
mimi lights

Lawry Love is a renowned South Australian artist who travels throughout Australia and paints images from his experiences. There is more to Lawry Loves paintings than meets the eye, but this is not evident right away. Sometimes he feels that someone else is holding the brush and moving his hand.
He has had many joint and solo exhibitions over the past years. Lawry uses strong colour usually using acrylic which allows him to get his ideas down quickly. He does not complicate images, he likes his message to be clear and clean. Lawry paints in different styles from abstact to realism. Lawry's art can now be found at these sites /art2/llove
urban sprawl
urban sprawl


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