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AKA: paul parker

Born: 20/0 carlton, victoria
  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Figurative
  • Painter

Whilst growing up, Paul has always drawn carrying around sketch books and scraps of paper. These he filled with varying details and colour taking inspiration from the works displayed in the museums and galleries that he frequented. He was particularly amazed by the colours and details in the works of surrealists, cubists and abstract paintings.

In Paul’s words “I always knew that I’d be painting but was still undecided on what direction in life to take. This was until about eight years ago, when I found an old piece of chipboard and a small piece of calico which caused me to pick up my brushes to paint. Since then the passion for painting has consumed my life. Earlier surfing, music and partying had been my escapism and now painting has replaced those and memories of these times influence my work. From the colour and texture of the beachscapes and that de ja vous feeling of emotions bought back from the noise of fragments of sounds and lyrics.”

From that first rough canvas and cheap acrylic paints forming his very first painting to now, Paul’s work has really grown in standard and imagination. He claims he was never embarrassed to show his works to friends, family and galleries even when the works lacked the maturity of his current style. Paul states “From the onset I have always received positive feedback and encouragement. Many of my early works were given to family and friends who suggested they were good enough to sell. The first gallery I presented my art to was very keen to show my works and soon a great relationship developed. These first sales boosted my ego enough to have faith in following art as a professional career”

In 2003 Paul was approached by the ‘Agora Gallery’ in Soho, New York with an offer to represent his works and for him to take part in a group exhibition of fine Australian arts. This was a real eye opener for Paul and a great opportunity to fulfill his dream of exhibiting in the USA. It also gave him an opportunity to peruse as many of the 5000 galleries based in New York as he could. As Paul later stated “To see the works of Picasso, Dali, Miro, Klee in the flesh, so to speak, was almost more exciting for me than exhibiting. Well nearly anyway… Since then I have been profiled in ‘Artis Spectum’ magazine, New York and my paintings appeared on local television thanks to my good friend, Kristian Hope at ‘Sideline Gallery’. This exposure lead to overseas offers from Hong Kong, Miami Arts International, New York, Phoenix and additional Australian galleries wanting me to exhibit. It’s easy for this sudden attention to go to your head but I’ve learnt not rush into anything.”

Paul loves to use oils and primarily does and he believes that the immediate texture and colour that can be obtained by working in this medium really emphasizes his works. In Paul’s words “I think I started with drawing and have moved to painting and that now the next progression may be to sculpture in the future. I’d like to be able to spread my imagination over all three mediums. My works all have a story or memory behind them. Whilst creating my works I am further inspired by song lyrics that emanate from the stereo in my studio. I always paint to music. It fires up my imagination.”

The temperate climate, expansive beaches and fertile soil of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers Region of NSW (where he is now based) are also of particular inspiration to Paul. He has found these environments have enabled him to tap into a deeply psychological vein when painting. In the artists words “My paintings are energetic fields of biomorphic shapes hinting at land, water, sun, and tribal markings. I like it for people to have their own interpretation of my paintings that may trigger some reflection of their own life experiences although, I am just as happy to share my stories with them.”

What does the future hold for Paul Parker? He is looking forward to more solo exhibitions in Australia and abroad as well as creating a steady flow of commissioned works. In short, to enjoy the opportunity he has to devote more of his time to that which he loves - creating art works coupled with the opportunity this brings to travel with his works to galleries and experiencing beautiful places. Thus giving additional opportunities to find inspiration for future works.

Paul Parker



2006 Paddington Contemporary Gallery

2005 Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne, Australia.
'Manhattan,Melborne,Montreal' solo.
2004 Arthouse Gallery, Yamba, Australia.
'More than Prawns' group.
2004 Agora Gallery, Soho, New york City.
Australian Fine Art Exhinbition' group.
2004 SSideline Gallery, Sunshine Coast, Australia
'yeah yeah yeah ' solo.
2004 Tree Frog Gallery, Sunshine Coast, Australia.
2003 Bizaar Gallery, Sunshine Coast, Austarlia.
2003 Wild Oats Gallery, Noosa, Australia.


2004 Soho International, New york.
2004 Brett Whitley Scholarship, Australia.
2004 Soverign Art Federation.

Reveiws & Articles

2005 Coastal Veiws, Australia. (a)
2004 Artis in Spectrum, New york. (r)


2005 Gora gallery, Montreal.
2005 Zurick Art Fair.
2005 MIIWA, New York.
2005 Brisbane art Fair, Australia.
2004 Miami arts Intenational, Florida.
2004 Whitechapel gallery,U.K.
2004 Coral Gables gallery, Florida.

2004 Agora gallery, New york.
2004 ssideline gallery, Australia.


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