Australian Art



2/Dec/2004 - 16/Dec/2004

VENUE: Vanguard Gallery

Recent paintings by Julia Fujita & Belinda Wiltshire,
exploring the limits of portraiture.
“Remember that a picture, before being a war horse, a nude woman or some anecdote, is essentially a flat surface covered with colours and assembled in a certain o

Artists Statement:
To us, the limits of a portrait are not measured within the boundaries of likeness, or even the essence of the subject. To us, the face and figure are tools, used specifically to move you, the viewer, toward identifying and connecting with the artwork. We strive to create an art that is independent of nature, where colour, form and expression are valued simply for their own sake. We are inviting you to interpret the subject not as an actual person, but as part of an overall expressive concept, not “who is this portrait of?” but “what does it express?”.

Belinda and Julia both have strong foundations in the arts and are now exploring and expanding their limits.Julia was born and educated in Argentina, emigrating to Melbourne in 2002. Belinda emigrated from Geelong in 1999. They recognised their common bond soon after meeting and have been working closely in the 12 months leading up to this exhibition, with further projects already brewing.


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