Australian Art


14/Aug/2004 - 14/Nov/2004

VENUE: Post Master Gallery

Australia’s first railway opened in 1854 and to commemorate the 150th anniversary, an exhibition will feature railways on Australian and world stamps. Curated by Richard Breckon.

Stampspotting – 150 years of Australian railways at the Post Master Gallery, Melbourne. Created by Australia Post, this exhibition documents the way railways have been featured on the stamps of Australia and other countries.

Original artwork, printed proof items and full sheets of Australian stamps are included in the exhibition. Over 600 single stamps from 30 countries are featured, including the 1869 United States 3c Locomotive – the world’s first railway stamp.

A total of 17 railway-themed stamps have been produced by Australia, which includes five stamps about to be issued on 7 September for the 150th anniversary. Exhibition curator, Richard Breckon, says “There is no denying the pivotal role railways have played in transport history. The geography of the Australian continent has underpinned this role and railways had a long history of moving the mails expeditiously. Stampspotting celebrates the romance of railways and how the subject is represented by stamp artists.”


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