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Creature 1
Creature 1

13/Nov/2008 - 25/Jan/2009

VENUE: Falkner Gallery

“…cease to burn or shine”, an enigmatic title for an enigmatic series of sculptures describing the adjective “Extinct.”

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines Extinct as: “ ..of a fire: extinguished, of a volcano: no longer in eruption, quenched, has ceased to burn or shine; of a person: cut off, dead, vanished, has died out or come to an end”
Meticulously made ceramic bones and skulls are wired together to create strange creatures, mounted as museum specimens. They look real and yet have subtle ambiguities. We are left to ponder the definitions of Extinction. Are these mutant creatures genetic experiments gone wrong? Are they still in existence or have they died out, been destroyed, or simply vanished? Did they ever exist? Ray poses the questions.


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