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Archibald Callum by Guy Morgan
Archibald Callum by Guy Morgan

8/Oct/2014 - 25/Oct/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Multi - award winning artists first Melbourne solo...

Guy Morgan
OPENING DRINKS: Saturday 11 October @ 2pm

Prize-winner’s first Melbourne solo…
As the winner of the 2014 “WHO is LOOKING at YOU; Cambridge Studio Gallery’s Portrait Prize”, Guy Morgan’s award is a solo exhibition, which will be his first in Melbourne.
Trained at St Martins School of Art and the London College of Painting, then completing a Masters of Studio Arts at Sydney College of Arts, Guy Morgan resumed painting after a 30-year career in advertising.
In the last 12 years, Morgan has developed a signature style that uses eyedroppers and highly liquid oil paint to create large, textured works. These can be best seen in his Nebula series (some of which will be shown in Melbourne).
Recently Morgan turned to portraiture to investigate the effects of distorted vision after suffering a detached retina in late 2011. Interesting and unconventional, the portrait series ‘After Retinal Detachment’ has had great success, with works being hung in the Archibald 2013, the Mosman Prize 2012 & 2013, and the 2014 Percival Portrait Prize and 2014 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture. He was a double semi-finalist in the 2013 Moran Portrait Prize and shortlisted in the International Emerging Artist Award 2013.
FIRST VIEW is an opportunity for the Melbourne audience to see a selection of Guy Morgan’s Portraits, Landscapes, Abstracts and Nebula Series. The diversity in his work brings many surprises but most impressive is the technique and its effect that can only be truly appreciated in the flesh – it’s the best reason to come and see the show!
Linda Fleet, Deputy Director, Arts Victoria, Strategic Marketing & Communications will officially open the exhibition.
OPENING DRINKS: Saturday 11 October @ 2pm


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