Australian Art


14/May/2014 - 31/May/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

4 artists, 4 rooms and 4 exhibitions

OPENING DRINKS 17 May, 2 - 4pm

4 ROOMS: Anne King, Cally Lotz, Cherie Murray-Lee, Gloria Stern

4 artists, 4 rooms and a portrait prize…
Inspired by the many talented entrants of the Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait Prize – WHO is LOOKING at YOU? the gallery has offered four artists from the competition a room in the gallery to exhibit more than their portraits and the result is 4 ROOMS.

Anne King’s works have been inspired by visits to Japan, and meeting Joe Okada. An 84 year old guide in Kyoto, Joe dresses in traditional clothes and calls himself 'The Last Samurai'. King has responded to the character Joe plays, imagining a history, romantic life and events in his life. From there explorations have led to geishas and torii gates, castles and old districts of Kyoto.

Cally Lotz’s body of work reflects her interest in the process of seeing… Like meditation it calls for an awareness of the prosaic, things one would otherwise find too banal to deserve attention: trivial thoughts and feelings. Trained in South Africa, Lotz’s work is exceptionally skilled and shows her presence in the “now”.
Cherie Murray –Lee is fascinated by the internal workings of the human as a whole, her work combines well with her background as a naturopath and her love of observation. Her drawings are often flowing and lyrical and her paintings attempt to discover an internal landscape. She is inspired by the variation and uniqueness of the human spirit.
Gloria Stern is interested in connections and disconnections in relationships. Her work explores how we move through our day, passing and relating to others in our work and social life, but then, equally as smoothly, we shift into the privacy and intimacy of our solitary worlds. Balancing these two worlds is fundamental to life and ironically; fundamental in the way Stern constructs her paintings.


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