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Shifting Plates
Shifting Plates

28/Aug/2013 - 14/Sep/2013

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Every stone has a story to tell. Jim Roberts uses sandstone to record and reflect his journey through the Flinders Ranges & Lake Eyre.

A Journey in Stone an exhibition by Jim Roberts

This exhibition reflects and records a journey by the artist through the Flinders Ranges and over Lake Eyre. The sculptures have emerged from the artistís experiences of the environment as he moved under bluffs and cliffs and by unions of tree and rock. Some shapes and forms hint at the presence of ancient fossils and others of well washed and stranded stones from dry creek beds.
At the end of the journey several works draw upon the flat interior and others on an aerial view of inland lakes and watercourses. The stone creations are intuitive and Roberts is sensitive to the harmony and rhythm in these elemental forms of nature. There is a deliberate direction towards capturing the essence of the landscape rather than representing the actual forms.
This is Jim Robertsís second solo show at Cambridge Studio Gallery following on from the very successful one last year.
The work consists of carved sandstone with some wood. These natural materials are used to reflect elements of the landscape and white or pale sandstone is chosen to underline the simplicity of the forms.


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