Australian Art


9/Nov/2004 - 22/Nov/2004

VENUE: Lynne Wilton Gallery

Representing Amanda Brooks for her first ever exhibtion in Melbourne.

Born in Durban, South Africa in 1977, Amanda comes from a family of artists and musicians and has had a astrong interest in painting since childhood. She grraduated in graphic design and studied under one of South Africa's leading artist in Durban. Amanda now resides in Noosea, on the picturesque Sunshine coast.

Greatly inspired by her recent travells through Italy and Greece, this powerful array of works takes us on a stunning visual journey. Derived from the Italian word 'passion', 'appassionatta' is aptly titled and displays Amanda's dedication to observing and capturing the beauty of her subjects. With her fine attention to detail and composition and eye for colour, these works radiate joy and warmth with strong artistic structure. They are, in essence, a 'celebration of life'.


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