Australian Art


11/Dec/2013 - 18/Dec/2013

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Come celebrate the close of 2013 at Cambridge Studio Gallery, with our last exhibition: a group show of 6 eclectic artists.

CELEBRATION 11 TO 18 December 2013
Opening drinks, 14 December, 4 to 6pm

Cambridge Studio Gallery is closing 2013 with a Celebration.
An eclectic mix of works from 6 female artists who all draw on their environment, whether internal or external, to produce art that evokes an emotional connection as well as a psychological tension that is open to interpretation.
For example, Ness Alexandra focuses on the domestic realm, painting objects such as cups as “they best represent the soul that searches… Like myself, cups are a vessel, waiting to be filled or emptied.”
In comparison, Sarin Dobkins utilises elements in nature such as water and earth as metaphors to express relationships. Christine Gibbs, in her works explores the Tasmanian landscape and domestic scenes of rural Tasmania. Acrylic paint is combined with collage and wax on recycled uniquely Tasmanian timbers and small wooden panels.
Erica Wagner continues to experiment with approaches to landscape painting, on site and in the studio, with a set of acrylic paintings on primed Belgian linen inspired by her travels through the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia. Also included in this exhibition are some abstracted and more figurative works in ink, collage and paint based on the human figure. Jayne Higgins begins with the genesis of each piece coming from a particular place and then allowing the work to take on a life of its own ,becoming an amalgamation of a visual and emotional experience. Jayne particularly enjoys the immediacy of working in acrylic which allows for an energetic building of atmosphere and monumental forms. Maureen Mc Dermott approaches her work with a confidence and directness that comes from many years of experience. Her compositions are strong and dynamic . This exhibition will showcase both her printmaking and painting skills.


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