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Collagraph, Diana Orinda Burns
Collagraph, Diana Orinda Burns

26/Mar/2009 - 31/May/2009

VENUE: Falkner Gallery
Collagraph, Diana Orinda Burns
Collagraph, Diana Orinda Burns

Collagraphs and Monoprints by DIANA ORINDA BURNS and KIR LARWILL
Monoprint, Kir Larwill
Monoprint, Kir Larwill

Diana and Kir have been working together as part of a printmaking group who meet and make prints together each week at Studio Paradiso in Sandon. This work represents a moment of shared flight – where their love of colour, painterly texture and the unexpected leap that seems to happen with paper and press have happily collided. These prints are a result of precious mornings of work out at Sandon, and are inspired by themes of love, landing, song and occasional flights into the unknown.
Diana Orinda Burns
'Come fly with me’ plays with ideas and memories of song. The predetermined textures and surfaces provide a visual language that at times is industrial and classical. Contrasts are made with the organic romantic quality of the free form pencil marks. Haunting melodies of love and loss echo within these circuits; the voice of reason calls for restraint, whilst the romantic rebellion of the heart summons one to sail uncharted waters.
Kir Larwill
There are occasional leaps into the unknown in this work, combined with moments of whimsy, solid landings, mushy maternal love and the occasional thoughtful note. I have enjoyed playing with colour, exploring quiet shades and how one colour works with the next, and how assembling groups of prints gives me a different way to combine observational drawing with layering and abstraction.


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