Australian Art


8/Apr/2010 - 26/Jun/2010

The Queen’s Gambit, Cache
The Queen’s Gambit, Cache

Constellations: A Large number of Small drawings explores the role of drawing in a wide range of professions. The exhibition brings together a large number of small Australian drawings from diverse disciplines such as Art, Architecture, Cartography, Desig

Alongside complete drawings of high artistic value, the exhibition includes provisional or preparatory drawings and applied drawings for professional outcomes such as scientific drawings, designs for installations and sketchbook notes.
Constellations documents the distinction between hand-drawn images and those that have been made digitally. It raises the question; does the immediacy of the human presence in hand-drawing extend to those made using new technologies?
The selection of diverse participants was conducted in a viral manner to embrace familiar and unfamiliar contemporary artists. Their work is linked by both intense curiosity and focused research. The resultant configuration of drawings captures the quality, purpose and breadth of drawing in Australia.


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