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Untitled by Diane Keating
Untitled by Diane Keating

23/Apr/2014 - 10/May/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

An exhibition of paintings on perspex.

April 23 – May 10

OPENING: Saturday 26 April, 2 - 4pm

Diane Keating DESERT MARKS

The fragility and translucency of our existence…

Diane Keating has been regularly painting with a group of artists in the Australia’s desert areas over the last four years. Desert Marks is a response to the vastness of the desert and “the bombardment to the senses, the scale, the space, the pulsating heat, the changing light and the sounds.”
Her work is colourful, playful mark making that captures the lyrical quality and the rhythm of the desert.
Keating uses small scale Perspex as her means to describe the desert landscape giving a feeling of the space and light. Perspex lends itself to quick gestural marks, which suggest our brief imprint on this landscape and the mirage like shimmer of heat in the desert. “Using Perspex to paint on highlights the fragility and translucency of our existence”


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