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Lantana by Sally Garrett
Lantana by Sally Garrett

5/Mar/2014 - 22/Mar/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Sensual and unsettling, Exotic is a collection of Sally Garrett's paintings that respond to the short stories of Peter Carey.

Paintings by Sally Garrett

Sensual and unsettling……
In her current exhibition, Exotic, Sally Garrett explores tensions within the Australian landscape in which she grew up but somehow never felt entirely at home. In part, a sustained creative response to the short stories of Peter Carey, Exotic also records the moments when change occurs; when transformation is irrevocable. Through a series of intimate landscape portraits populated by beguilingly seductive birds and flowers, the sensory pleasures of the natural world are held in taut balance with encroaching displacement.
Sally Garrett explores a world of juxtaposition through oil, acrylic and watercolour. She portrays lush, strange figures, animals and flowers, some based on first-hand observation, others from visual traditions she loves such as ukiyo-e, batik fabric patterns, and botanical illustrations.
Her landscapes and portraits record exotic figures that both seduce and unsettle.
Exotic frames a series of moments when the pleasures of the natural world are held in balance with unnamed, encroaching forces that signal displacement.
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