Australian Art



17/Nov/2016 - 27/Nov/2016

VENUE: Warringah Creative Space
Collecting Mountains
Collecting Mountains

Sculpture, installation, painting and photography exploring the concept of earth.

Earth is the first exhibition of the series, Four Elements responding to: earth, water, air, fire.

This exhibition presents the work of 28 artists responding to earth as inspiration and subject matter. The works include sculpture, installation, painting and photography exploring the concept of Earth.

Opening night Thursday 17 November 6-8pm

The gallery will be open daily from 10am-4pm and closed on Monday 21 November

Paola Talbert, Innocenza Torritto, Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert, Kerry Boer, Julia Sample, Richard Magee, Caroline Gibbs Psaltis, Chloe Platt, Suzanne Davey, Karen Steele, Denise Barry, Catriona Pollard, Bernadette Facer, Malcolm Fisher, Jasmine Leigh Peters, Stephen Marr, Alyson Bell, Eunice McAllister, Brenda Livermore, Judy Hungerford, Angela Shacklady, Penny Philpott, Owen Carpenter, Helen Earl, Mary-Anne Barnes, Leonie Barton, Anneliese Hauptstein and Melinda Kelly.

Curated by Alicia Terry


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