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11/Mar/2016 - 23/Mar/2016


Elizabeth Gower: he loves me, he loves me not

Women are encouraged to seek validation at an early age, by conforming to prescribed behaviours, sanctioned body image, fashion, career and lifestyle choices. In writing the phrase ‘he loves me, he loves me not’  21,319 times, Elizabeth Gower symbolically represents a lifetime of re-evaluation, resilience and resolve. 

Public program: Thursday 7

April 5.30-6.30 pm Free panel discussion "Seeking Approval: A Question of Power,

Gender or Culture?" Speakers Dr Leslie Cannold (ethicist, researcher, author The Book

of Rachael, What, No Baby? The Abortion Myth), Ms Sushi Das (Opinion Editor, The Age, author Deranged Marriage), and Dr Meagan Tyler (RMIT Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow, editor Freedom Fallacy: The limits of liberal feminism).

Friday 15 April 1-2 pm Artist floor talk with Elizabeth Gower.


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