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Folie  Deux
Folie Deux

13/Jul/2012 - 27/Jul/2012

VENUE: The Munro Room

An exhibition Featuring The Works of Chris Duffy Art & Hackney Hockney

Folie Deux
(Definition of FOLIE DEUX:) The presence of the same or similar delusional ideas in two persons closely associated with one another

Bellarine based, Chris Duffy Art creates colorful, sensual portraits of women using a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, glitters, silver and gold leaf. At times reminiscent of the art nouveau aesthetic these evocative portraits portray timeless beauty while at the same time exhibiting a strong sense of sensuality. Duffys ethereal depictions of female beauty are soft yet strong, infusing a deep sense of seduction and mystery in each character. Through the use of vivid colors and delicately expressive faces, gazes and postures, he creates sublime and erotic portraitsportraits which emphasize the femininity and vulnerability of his daring and elusive beauties.

Hackney Hockney is a Neo-Pop Artist, who's work consists of a revised form of Pop Art adapted from its forefathers, a rebirth of recognizable objects and celebrities from popular culture with icons & symbols of present times & the past. [He says???... ] Neo Pop Art came into being as a a reaction to the pared-down art of Minimalism, Conceptualism & un-interesting Abstract art from previous decades.

(Quote) " The public is already a ready-made..." Jeff Koons


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